Dec 4

Deep sea fishing or fishing charter is a world-wide  popular sport and a recreational activity, the good way to feel thrilled by catching monster fish or to relax. Deep sea fishing is not just perfect for adventure seeker, it is also the way to bond and re-bond with friends and family and to make wonderful memories. Deep sea fishing charter is the perfect way to spend some part or even complete vacation. On the boat the captain and his crew teach you and your friends or family, and also... 

Nov 16

Fishing is not just an activity, recreation or providing a source of food. Many times you can hear the question whether the fishing is hobby or sport. Fishing is both and none, it is the way of living. Fishing had an impact on all major religions including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism etc. Fishing lovers adore wearing funny fishing shirts to show the world what do they feel and think about their interesting activity. A general term representing the equipment that is used by... 

Nov 14

The below mentioned are the tips for fishing in lakes and when you follow these tips you will enjoy fish catching more and enjoy your outings much more.  

Nov 9

Fishing lures are objects attached to the end the fishing line which have the purpose to use vibration, movement and color to resemble the prey and catch the attention of a fish. These objects are equipped with single, double or treble hooks, so the fish attacks and bites the hook. Many types of fishing lures are present nowadays. These fishing lures are manufactured and engineered to appeal to a sense of territory, curiosity, aggression and prey preference of the fish. Depending on which fish species... 

Sep 28

  Fishing is a wonderful hobby found in most people. Some people fish because it is their hobby, some take it as a sport and some do it for living, no matter what your reason behind fishing is, you should be able excel the fish that you are looking for. Not only this, but you will not be able to see your goal like the usual hunters do. You have to find out the exact spot of the fish and then go for it.  

Aug 28

Pike fishing brings its own unique reward with a fighting aerial display to look forward to once you’ve hooked this unpredictable sporting fish. Look after your hands when you land it! Pike can weigh up to 35 kg and be all of 1.8 metres in length. Winter is the season of choice for Pike fishing although the fish can be caught most of the year. It would be wise to set out to land this fish during the day. It is found in lakes and rivers predominantly in North America.  

Jul 30

Introduction: Pike fish is usually found in the Arctic fresh water and appears large and huge in size. Being found commonly in lakes and rivers, the pike fish feeds on anything which floats such as walleyes, chub, suckers and even the other pikes. When it comes to pike fishing, the use of bait and lures will not be strong enough, since a small pike could be sporty and active to tackle. Pike is one among the easy to catch fish as it is usually found close to its prey.