Aug 31

Are you looking forward to your autumn Australian bass fishing? If you have been fishing Australian Bass in the summer, don’t worry, in autumn you will use pretty much the same techniques. As a matter of fact, Australian Bass fish are likely to be caught in the same summer hid outs during the fall, before they migrate downstream in order to spawn along the south-east Australian coast, in the estuaries.  

Aug 14

Do you like bass fishing in cold water? Maybe winter is not the best season to fish bass, but if the water is over 45 degrees, there is a great chance to catch an amazing catch. So, you don’t have to wait for the spring season to enjoy your favorite outdoor activity. In general, bass are not used to water under 45 degrees, but you have a decent chance to catch it if it’s 45 to 50 degrees and you will surely catch something if the water is 52 degrees and above. How do we know... 

Jun 26

There is none other medium of learning as effective as photos and videos and so, I was enthralled to see a website which provides exceptional fishing videos shot by some of world’s best anglers from which it is quite easy to understand various techniques of fishing. is the site where I could see a lot of excellent videos on various topics like bass fishing, fly fishing, casting, how to catch more fish at night, and much more! I recommend you to take a look at the site... 

May 3

Do you still remember the enthusiasm that you had on your fist camping tour? Getting up in the morning, drinking a glass of yummy hot chocolate before you get out of town, and all the excitement of being in outdoors, all these things are just great. You can experience this feeling once again by planning a fishing trip. Read through this article for tips to make your next fishing trip a wonderful experience.  

Apr 6

Saltwater fishing, inshore or offshore, has its own magic and therefore even the people go fishing regularly like to cast a bait when they have an opportunity. Shallow inshore angling is always fun and interactive experience and everybody can get into it easily. From boat, surf or pier, shallow inshore saltwater fishing has its own secrets and we will share some basic tips and tricks with you in order to set you on your way.  

Apr 5

Do you daydream about catching a big bass? Almost every novice angler does. Even though you can haul in a trophy from time to time, there are several tips that can increase your odds dramatically. Professional anglers use these tips in tournaments, but as a beginner you can follow these suggestions to help you hunt down the catch you yearn for. At this moment we will focus on necessary equipment.  

Mar 1

Everybody would agree on one thing: bluefin tuna fishing is not the easiest thing to do, but once a man hooks the fish, he will be in for thrill of a lifetime. Catching this magnificent fish will certainly increase everyone’s adrenaline level, because these fish are great fighters. Therefore, fishing for bluefin tuna requires time, patience, endurance, strength and the right gear. At website set up as a forum devoted to selling and buying used fishing tackle, focused on... 

Feb 18

If you are planning to go fishing in the wilderness, you have to be more careful and perhaps bring your camping equipment. Although your focus will be on catching the fish, you should also take some hunting equipment, so keep your self informed, for example, Compound Vs Recurve Bow. Know where you go and who you what you might meet.   

Jan 25

Those fishing enthusiasts who always seek new developments in field of their hobby get a wonderful opportunity in every January in form of Birmingham Boat Show, held at Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center (BJCC) in Alabama. The first Boat Show was held in 1972.  

Dec 20

Would you like to know how to catch sockeye? Sockeye salmon is the third most abundant salmon species and therefore it is an important resource, both culturally and economically to professional fishermen in Alaska, Oregon, British Columbia and Washington. Sockeye salmon represent the smaller Pacific salmon species weighing approximately 4 to 15 pounds and 18 to 31 inches long. Sea-going sockeye salmon are prized due to their bright-orange, firm flesh. Those sockeyes have a metallic blue-green top,...