Nov 21

With Christmas and other holidays just around the corner, you might wonder what are those nice gift ideas for fishing lovers. If you are a fisherman also, you probably know what your buddies would love to get as a present, but even if you are not so into it, you may still find something very practical and welcomed. We will try to share some tips and ideas with you and hopefully you will find them useful.  

Oct 17

No matter what kind of tracking or fishing that you are thinking of participating, you should never forget to appreciate the animal and the atmosphere in which you are there. You should remember that, nature itself belongs to various creatures at the same time, such as women and men, salmon and other animals. Involve in your own part so that you don’t harm the wilderness.  

Aug 30

Fishing is one of those things that is incredibly relaxing and incredibly addictive at the same time. Like golf it might seem slow paced from the outside, but when you’re involved it can be incredibly tense and provide a very worthwhile sense of accomplishment when you reel in something large. However that said there is still no denying that much of fishing involves ‘sitting around’ while you wait for a bite. This is of course what makes it so restful, but for others it can also... 

Aug 16

If you already have fishing reel and rod and all you need is a new fishing line or replace the old line of your reel. You will be confused with different options available in the market. You will get braided, fluorocarbon and monofilament among these varieties. Choosing a line is not difficult and this article will make your work much easier I hope.  

Aug 2

You will normally come across three kinds of catfish in ponds. Out of all three, the channel catfish is the smallest one and also can easily be caught. Other two types of catfish are Blue catfish and Flathead. They are biggest among three. Both of these can be pretty big in size.  

Jul 16

If you are a novice in deep sea fishing, get ready for the wonderful experience! It is a great way to spend your free time and vacations, even if you are not experienced in fishing. However, if you want to enjoy deep sea fishing at its best, you should follow some rules and consider some recommendations and tips. First of all, consider using an experienced individual or a charter to take you to deep sea fishing for the first time. You will be taken to nice fishing locations and you will be kept safe.... 

Jun 11

According to many people the ultimate fishing sport in salmon fishing in rivers. This is definitely a type of fishing with lengthy traditions and some prestige. Salmon fishing in rivers is both rewarding and challenging as well.  

Jun 4

If you want to choose the best sport fishing boat, you will have to choose one that offers combination of qualities of a pleasure speed boat and a fishing boat. You should take the purpose of buying a sport fishing boat into consideration. If you want the boat which can be used for a family fun ride as well as for fishing, one having qualities of a speed boat is perhaps the best choice. If you want to use it for family fun once in a while and mainly for fishing, then a boat having fitted with more... 

May 10

Fishing gear manufacturers are constantly creating new and improved fishing lures. A wide range of supplies, colors, dimension make it easier to match the specific fishing circumstances with the selection of fishing tackles. Of course, it is certainly a waste of money to buy new fishing lures every year. So, before making the list of things you need for better fishing and more catch, it is recommended to assess your own fishing needs. There are some fishing lures that do an incredible job for a great... 

May 4

Trout fishing is very attractive activity for almost everyone. There is no need for a motor, boat, a pH meter, some expensive tackle or specialized equipment. So, even if you are an amateur fisherman, you can still enjoy amazing fishing experience while trout fishing. The only things fishers need for trout fishing are a box of hooks, spin-casting outfits in working order, a pair of hip boots. Of everyone older than 16, a fishing license and a trout stamp is required. Of course, there is no just luck...