May 18

Chinook fishing lovers will have to hurry towards River Columbia as they can fish only for 2 days, 19th and 20th May, i.e. this weekend! They will get a chance to fish on a 163 miles section of the river, upstream from Bonneville Dam. They have also been permitted to keep two adult fish per day which should be hatchery marked. Rest all the wild and unmarked fish have to be released unhurt.  

May 17

Fishing enthusiasts know how important it is to have good tackle of every kind. Even to carry out fishing as a recreation or hobby, you need tackle of high quality and wide range. So, it is also important to get a place where you can shop for a wide range of high quality fishing tackle. Fortunately, is a place where you can do this. Here you will get an extensive array of fishing tackle so as to suit your every requirement and valuable tips for fishing from the highly... 

May 17

Most of us like to have fish in every meal, but preparing fish correctly, with appropriate ingredients can make it taste good actually. Here is a wonderful fish recipe cooked with mustard:  

May 10

Fishing gear manufacturers are constantly creating new and improved fishing lures. A wide range of supplies, colors, dimension make it easier to match the specific fishing circumstances with the selection of fishing tackles. Of course, it is certainly a waste of money to buy new fishing lures every year. So, before making the list of things you need for better fishing and more catch, it is recommended to assess your own fishing needs. There are some fishing lures that do an incredible job for a great... 

May 4

Trout fishing is very attractive activity for almost everyone. There is no need for a motor, boat, a pH meter, some expensive tackle or specialized equipment. So, even if you are an amateur fisherman, you can still enjoy amazing fishing experience while trout fishing. The only things fishers need for trout fishing are a box of hooks, spin-casting outfits in working order, a pair of hip boots. Of everyone older than 16, a fishing license and a trout stamp is required. Of course, there is no just luck... 

May 4

One of the most sought after game fish in North America is the largemouth bass. It develops in weedy shallow river backwaters and lakes, as its main food supply is available in such areas. Also, sunken debris and aquatic plants supply protection.  

Apr 30

Fishermen and their family and friends usually can enjoy the tasteful fish meals. Is there something better than a nice lunch or dinner after amazing fishing experience with your catch on menu? Of course, this is perfect and joyful only if you have an appropriate way to make fish fillets.  One of the thing that fishermen and their family members like so much about the American Angler Electric Fillet Knife is the position of the blade release, most electric fillet knives have it in the way of your... 

Apr 30

Fishing is joyful, amazing, thrilling experience. Fishing lovers cannot even imagine some outdoors activity that has it all like fishing. The more you are into fishing, the more you learn and the more you need for the best catch. The list of needed equipment includes fishing accessories, rods, reels, baits and lures etc. Dick’s Sporting Goods enables customers to find and order everything they need at one place. Among various sporting items, fishing equipment is also offered. Of course, one... 

Apr 26

An angler who is passionate about ice-fishing dreams always of owning a power ice auger. However a power ice auger is four times costlier than a good hand auger and so, the purchase is not made so casually. But when one owns a power auger, his world changes altogether. You can imagine how you can set up at your favorite ice fishing territory and are able to drill twenty holes in a time taken by a hand auger to drill one or two holes, and then you are able to move through all those holes as the fish... 

Apr 15

Grass Carp, or White Amur as they are more popularly known, are not found in all freshwater. Their food is different than other freshwater fish so they cannot be caught with the same bait. And if at all they are hooked, it is extremely tough to land them with the same gear which is successful for bass, panfish and most of the catfish. And so fishing of White Amur is thrilling.