Jul 30

Introduction: Pike fish is usually found in the Arctic fresh water and appears large and huge in size. Being found commonly in lakes and rivers, the pike fish feeds on anything which floats such as walleyes, chub, suckers and even the other pikes. When it comes to pike fishing, the use of bait and lures will not be strong enough, since a small pike could be sporty and active to tackle. Pike is one among the easy to catch fish as it is usually found close to its prey.  

Jun 1

Florida is situated at the east coast of United States. The climate in the state makes the name of the state as “Sunshine State”, and there are all the necessary amenities present here for the dwelling of natural vegetation and life. Being a coastline i.e. east coast and above all it surrounded with water from three sides, the state is earning lots of profits from the business of fishing which is a major occupation of the people of Florida. There is a huge variety of fish treasure...