Mar 26

Amongst all the gear required by a spearo, a spearfishing knife gets a lot of raised eyebrows. And even sometimes the size of a general purpose diving knife too gets a lot of sulk. However, the diving knives are actually awesome – huge knives have a special place in the diving world. How they are concerned with spearfishing is, however, a totally different issue.  

Mar 19

For the dedicated fisherman there is nothing better than finding a new perfect place for fishing. With the UK boasting so many beautiful locations that are perfect for fishing, fishermen are truly spoilt for choice. So in this guide we’ve whittled down the best places in the UK to a list of just 6.  

Mar 10

Fishing is all about stealth. It requires a quiet approach. It can be almost impossible not to scare fish away when you arrive thundering in a fishing hole with your noisy gas-powered onboard motor spouting smoke and stirring water. Here trolling motors act like a real godsend for the fishing fraternity. They are electric and are much quieter than gas-powered motors. Not only anglers can have total control over their boat all the times, but they can also move comfortably from place to place and... 

Mar 7

Do you remember whether you had listened to the weather forecast when you last went out for an ice fishing adventure? And if you had, which factors had you given more attention to? They certainly might be temperature, wind and precipitation, but most probably not air pressure. Well, next time you listen to it carefully, because in case of ice fishing air pressure is a factor which decides, or at least influences, your success on ice.  

Mar 4

The emergence of a new technique called spybaiting has left many anglers wondering about what the technique is and how spy baits work. A lot of spy baits too are being introduced in the market, like Realis Duo fishing bait and others, which are making anglers curious. So, let’s know more about spybaiting!  

Mar 2

Many people think that crab fishing involves pains, itching, lotions and ointments, and visits to health clinics. However, by learning a proper way of crab fishing, you can get into an excellent hobby. What’s more, you will get a yummy and cheaper alternative to red lobsters. There are lots of places where you can go crabbing. And then you can have a delicious seafood dinner a few times a week. A tour to the coastal waters of North America, e.g., offers numerous places for crab fishing. Settle... 

Mar 2

Is catching fish is the only aim of anglers? I think no. anglers go fishing because they want to spend some quiet moments on the lap of Nature, some thrill in finding the catch they want and a lot of fresh air to breathe in. And if what I say is true about you, try this time the Hvar Island for your angling expedition. This is an ultimate beautiful island in Croatia with gently rolling hills painted in bright purple with thriving cultivations of lavender, lush vineyards, gorgeous pebbly beaches... 

Feb 24

While embarking upon an angling expedition, you are full of excitement and you enjoy the journey and your angling experience. However at least some times, you might have found your fishing gear difficult to manage in a bucket or basket to hold in a hand. With lots of baits, your line, hook and sinkers, bobbers, extra sets for all these, and some necessary tools like nose pliers, first aid kit, sunscreen, etc, sometimes you get irritated regarding where to keep them and how to hold them and find... 

Feb 22

Italy is a beautiful country and a heaven for travel-lovers. The seaside country has many gems in its magic sac for tourists and one of the most enchanting among them is Lake Garda. The wonderful lake lies in Northern Italy between Venice and Milan and is the largest lake of the country. Its surrounding is extremely amazing because of beautiful mountains, groves of olive and citrus trees and a year-round pleasant climate, and has a power to offer the most desired peace of mind to tourists. As such,... 

Feb 15

When you look around the baits created by master bait-builder Nathan Bettencourt, you will notice that these lures are distinct in both function as well as design. Nathan Bettencourt strives to create lures having triggering characteristics which are not found in lures created by other makers. Bettencourt has a background in both lure building and fly fishing, and so he can “tie” both of them together. Bettencourt Baits Dying Bluegill, for example, is a master creation and is one of the first...