Jun 14

Dry fly fishing is considered at the top of fly fishing techniques. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a trout rise from the water to take a carefully placed fly off the surface. But dry fly fishing has its own challenges for people who are just starting out.  

Oct 21

Fishing in Punta Cana is a heavenly experience, given the abundance and variety of exotic fish species like marlin, snapper, triggerfish, barracuda, tarpon and even snook, and fishing charter companies like Big Marlin Punta Cana, that offer luxurious cruises and extremely professional guides, not to mention the azure waters around the Dominican Republic and the lush green local palms gracing the landscape that make you feel as if you’re in paradise.  

Mar 8

Montana Trout Outfitters provides the finest, full-service directed fly fishing expedition in the location. Come check out the Bitterroot, Blackfoot, Clark Fork, Missouri, or Rock Creek with the most expert, patient, and well-informed guide personnel in Missoula.  

Nov 8

If you ask an ardent angler which their favorite fish is to fish, perhaps most would say ‘carp’! carp is a bottom feeder, hardy fish native to Asia and Europe and introduced to the United States in 1800s since when it’s a staple food for several communities. Carp can survive in many conditions, and often populates ponds, lakes and rivers. It’s the largest member of the minnow family, and is related to the goldfish. It has large rounded body, forked tail, elongated dorsal fin and barbels... 

Mar 28

Fishing is the embodiment of the word “tranquil.” There’s nothing quite like spending a day out on the water, with some lines hooked up, getting some great catches for the family. We have to admit, though, that sometimes, that last little bit doesn’t end up happening. There are locations in the world where there’s either no fish at all, or they’re sparsely spread out. Talachulitna River in Alaska, however, is not that place. This is a place that’s pretty much a fishing haven, especially... 

Jun 13

If you’re wondering which fishing method is the best and will give you a huge catch, I’ll recommend you bait fishing. If you’ve already tried it and have been disappointed because of some amount of failure, I’ll suggest you to keep trying and eventually you’ll succeed to such an extent that you will never want to leave it – it’ll become your favorite fishing technique! To start with, here are a few tips for you to succeed in bait fishing.  

May 31

Although today’s technology is so advanced that it has created gadgets to help anglers find the exact location of the fish, finding fish using your knowledge, senses and experience is a great skill every angler should have. This will help anglers when they cannot afford fish finders or their fish finders stop working. Using this amazing skill alone, an angler can catch 80% of fish, while other anglers who don’t have this skill are left fishless. Here are a few tips for you to learn how to... 

May 6

If you’re looking for catching big fish in the ocean, trolling is perhaps the best method to apply. It’s effective as well as exciting, both for learners and pros. If you’re new to trolling, it’s a technique in which a lure is hooked and dragged through the water in a moving boat so as to make the fish feel that the bait is a moving prey. Let’s learn a few tips to master this technique.  

Mar 27

If you’re an ardent fishing hobbyist, have you ever realized that fishing is more than ‘fishing’? I mean during your initial fishing days, you might have set out on your fishing venture with your fishing gear to dedicatedly catch a nice mix of fish, so that you can enjoy a great meal with your loved ones. But after becoming a pro angler, did you realize that fishing offers you something more than fishing, called attitude adjustment?  

Nov 16

If you love trout fishing, you might have experienced the difficulty in looking for this amazing fish in turbid water during springtime. Rainwater, runoff and snowmelt make water in rivers and streams turbid during this time. Such turbid water poses challenges to trout-fishing-lovers. However, just a little knowledge and appropriate tackle can increase their success rate. Here are a few tips.