Nov 17

If you are an ardent fishing enthusiast, you will naturally be more than happy if your little one too is showing a keen interest in fishing. You can grow her/his fishing interest by celebrating a wonderful fishing birthday party on the ocean or lake or river. You and your kid, her/his friends and your other family members will enjoy this party, the food in which will be uniquely delicious. Take a look at Fest diner for wonderful fish dishes and a plethora of other tasty culinary wonders... 

Jun 14

Seafood is awesome! Nature has not created ocean and marine creatures just to please our eyes, but to please our taste buds too (excuse me animal-lovers, take this as a joke please)! Lots of people all over the world are extremely fond of dishes made from fish and other marine creatures. These creatures have not only offered great flavors, but also great nutrition to their (human) eaters. And they do that in so many superb ways! A simple yet healthy canned tuna pate recipe can be enjoyed... 

Apr 22

The Croatian word Bakalar is the name of the dish and the fish – cod fish (bacalao in Spanish). Given the Dalmatia’s richness of fresh food, it is rather peculiar that the main dish for the Christmas Eve is based on dried cod fish – from Norway! However, bakalar is inevitable part of the Dalmatian cuisine and it’s beyond delectable. Here are two ways to make it – as a cod fish stew or with potatoes.  

Oct 22

Haddock is one of the most popular fish, well known for its nutritional and health benefits. It’s very low in saturated fats, while high in vitamin B6, magnesium, niacin, selenium and phosphorous. Also, haddock contains no sugar. There is, however, one negative nutrition fact: haddock is very high in cholesterol approx. 111 mg/fillet (1 fillet: 150 g). It is available fresh, frozen, smoked, dried and canned. One of the well known British meals is “fish and chips” and haddock is... 

Aug 20

In the US, carp has never enjoyed its Eastern European popularity. From Bulgaria to Ukraine, this is probably the most prized freshwater fish. The reason for this difference is probably the better quality and flavor of European compared to American variety. Also, in Eastern Europe, carp is prepared in myriad ways: broiled, grilled, fried and roasted. When mixed with other white fish, carp becomes a favorite Jewish fish meal: gefilte fish. But, not only in Europe, carp is also prepared and enjoyed... 

Feb 18

Fishing lovers go fishing not only because of an opportunity to have an incredibly healthy meal, but because of the thrill and excitement. However, it is always a pleasure to provide yourself a delicious nutritive food and fish certainly is that. However, it is also prone to spoiling and therefore you have to ship it back to the coast carefully. If you want to obtain fresh fish, you have to use specific conservation techniques to keep your catch fresh and cold. Otherwise, you will ship the fish and... 

May 17

Most of us like to have fish in every meal, but preparing fish correctly, with appropriate ingredients can make it taste good actually. Here is a wonderful fish recipe cooked with mustard:  

Feb 9

Many people are not very well aware of health benefits that fish can offer. Fish is a low fat food that offers plenty of minerals, proteins and vitamins. It also includes Omega 3 fatty acid. This is an important fatty acid that helps in fighting heart disease when combined with healthy diet. Many health professionals in fact suggest eating fish two times in a week. Finding a delicious fish recipe can be challenging sometimes, which is the reason we have added some of the delicious fish recipes here... 

Jan 31

If you are searching for some tasty seafood recipes, you should definitely begin with baked cod then. Cod is a nutty white fish full of nutrients for people who are health conscious. These nutrients are believed to be very good for heart, brain and blood. It is also the most commonly and often seen fish in many restaurants throughout United States and Europe.  

Sep 26

  Different kinds of fish soup recipes have been mentioned here below: