Nov 14

When it comes to sport fishing, almost all anglers agree that no other place on the earth than Key West offers as many options. Hundreds of species roam in these wonderful waters from the natural reef and numerous shipwrecks to the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.  

Aug 7

Planning for a carp fishing holiday in France? That’s a great decision. France is bestowed with carp of numerous sizes and shapes that occur in several locations and conditions. However, in order to make your trip successful, you need to prepare for weeks, though not months, in advance. There are various factors involved from food and tackle to logistics and satnav. Here are a few important points to consider carefully.  

Jun 8

A passionate angler not only becomes happy with the number of fish he catches but also enjoys the ambience of the fishing destination. And therefore, he is always in search of new fishing destinations where he can enjoy the nature’s beauty. If you are such an angler, why don’t you try the Northwest Indiana?  

Feb 16

If you are an ardent angler, it’s impossible that you haven’t heard of the fame of Tampa Bay, Florida, about the amazing fishing experiences it has to offer. You must know that there are more than 200 different species you can chase in the breathtaking settings of the Bay. Whether you want to go on your own or under the supervision of professional fishing charter boat captains with years of experience and knowledge of every nook and corner of the Bay, you can get anything you want here.... 

Dec 26

If you are looking for a fishing destination that will truly amaze you, you can’t afford to miss the Florida Keys. This southernmost part of the United States and also of Florida is formed of a series of cays or keys and offers some of the best fishing you might have ever experienced. Once you step in this beautiful land, it will become yours forever and then you can’t resist yourself from coming here every year.  

Jan 28

Learning to catch tarpon is the biggest goal for several saltwater anglers. But tarpon remains unconquerable for most of them. Since they are hard to locate and hook, and have extraordinary acrobatics and raw power, they are extremely difficult to land.  

Jan 2

Brighton is not only a beautiful town which attracts tourists, but it is also a fishing paradise. Being a coastal town, Brighton favors sea fishing and has abundant spots from where you can undertake an exciting angling expedition. If you want to enjoy them all, you should choose one of the beautiful and comfortable places to stay in Brighton and stay there for a longer time, rather than planning a one-day trip. Here is some info on Brighton’s most potential fishing spots which may be useful to... 

Oct 22

I consider myself lucky that I got a chance to visit one of the loveliest places on the Earth, Cambridgeshire in the UK! As such, the entire England is like a dreamland for a person like me who is born in one of this planet’s zones called tropical. But in particular, Cambridgeshire is like an essence of England’s beauty with lots of stunning lakes and rivers, full of fish, where you can spend hours and hours fishing calmly while enjoying Nature’s splendor. What’s more, I also found a great... 

Aug 27

My fishing fellows, I’m still focused on European fishing and after discussing fishing in Spain, we’re moving further west, we’re talking about angling in Portugal. This beautiful and diverse country has been recognized as one of the twenty most visited destination around the globe. The influences of certain gulfs, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean attract various marine life to the waters surrounding Portugal. Well, this goes for big game fish, as well!  

Aug 17

If you want to enjoy fishing this holiday on a beautiful island where you can spend some time in sight-seeing, relaxing, relishing delicious local food and enjoy fishing for the rest of the time, Krk Island in Croatia is the most perfect for you. Krk Island is the largest, most accessible, most diverse and the most popular island on Adriatic. It occupies the area of 406 sq km and is surrounded by crystalline waters of the Adriatic Sea which is rich with hundreds of fish species. Fishing on Krk Island...