Aug 27

My fishing fellows, I’m still focused on European fishing and after discussing fishing in Spain, we’re moving further west, we’re talking about angling in Portugal. This beautiful and diverse country has been recognized as one of the twenty most visited destination around the globe. The influences of certain gulfs, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean attract various marine life to the waters surrounding Portugal. Well, this goes for big game fish, as well!  

Aug 17

If you want to enjoy fishing this holiday on a beautiful island where you can spend some time in sight-seeing, relaxing, relishing delicious local food and enjoy fishing for the rest of the time, Krk Island in Croatia is the most perfect for you. Krk Island is the largest, most accessible, most diverse and the most popular island on Adriatic. It occupies the area of 406 sq km and is surrounded by crystalline waters of the Adriatic Sea which is rich with hundreds of fish species. Fishing... 

Jul 21

These days angling has become one of the most enjoyed outdoor activities around the globe. I’m not talking exclusively about fishing trips, but also about traditional family vacation with some quality time together enjoying angling. Undoubtedly, fishing is an excellent way to get away from traffic, work, phone calls and other boring and daunting daily routines. Therefore, we will shed some light o some of the best fishing destinations in Spain, for all those families, couples and friends spending... 

Apr 7

Have you considered a fishing vacation in Sweden? This country is approximately 2,000 kilometers long from tip to toe and therefore it has several climate zones. In the central part of the Kingdom of Sweden, fishing season lasts from April to November. If you go southern, the season is usually year-around in coastal rivers and off the coast, as well as in some lakes and inland rivers. When it comes to northern parts, May to October generally applies.   

Mar 19

For the dedicated fisherman there is nothing better than finding a new perfect place for fishing. With the UK boasting so many beautiful locations that are perfect for fishing, fishermen are truly spoilt for choice. So in this guide we’ve whittled down the best places in the UK to a list of just 6.  

Mar 2

Many people think that crab fishing involves pains, itching, lotions and ointments, and visits to health clinics. However, by learning a proper way of crab fishing, you can get into an excellent hobby. What’s more, you will get a yummy and cheaper alternative to red lobsters. There are lots of places where you can go crabbing. And then you can have a delicious seafood dinner a few times a week. A tour to the coastal waters of North America, e.g., offers numerous places for crab fishing. Settle... 

Mar 2

Is catching fish is the only aim of anglers? I think no. anglers go fishing because they want to spend some quiet moments on the lap of Nature, some thrill in finding the catch they want and a lot of fresh air to breathe in. And if what I say is true about you, try this time the Hvar Island for your angling expedition. This is an ultimate beautiful island in Croatia with gently rolling hills painted in bright purple with thriving cultivations of lavender, lush vineyards, gorgeous pebbly beaches... 

Feb 22

Italy is a beautiful country and a heaven for travel-lovers. The seaside country has many gems in its magic sac for tourists and one of the most enchanting among them is Lake Garda. The wonderful lake lies in Northern Italy between Venice and Milan and is the largest lake of the country. Its surrounding is extremely amazing because of beautiful mountains, groves of olive and citrus trees and a year-round pleasant climate, and has a power to offer the most desired peace of mind to tourists. As such,... 

Feb 7

Colorado is an alluring name for anglers as its Grand County has some fascinating lakes which offer some of the largest lake trout in the Rocky Mountain West. What’s more, the fish don’t hibernate! Though chilling winter is not an ideal vacation season, if you are wondering about which exotic place to visit to have some good time and excitement, head to Colorado and participate in some of the most enthralling ice fishing competitions, of 2014.  

Jan 15

For any keen angler, Amazon River basin is a magical group of words. The basin has got a larger fish diversity than any other river basin in the world, with its more than 2,200 fish species. The basin is drained by the River Amazon and its tributaries for an area of around 6,915,000 sq. km, which is almost 40% of South America. The basin comes in the territories of Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Guyana, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela and Suriname. The Amazon rainforest which covers most of the basin is also...