Mar 27

If you’re an ardent fishing hobbyist, have you ever realized that fishing is more than ‘fishing’? I mean during your initial fishing days, you might have set out on your fishing venture with your fishing gear to dedicatedly catch a nice mix of fish, so that you can enjoy a great meal with your loved ones. But after becoming a pro angler, did you realize that fishing offers you something more than fishing, called attitude adjustment?  

Jun 5

When you’re out on your fishing trip, your ability to scan the water surface dramatically improves your chances to spot your next big catch. Regardless of where you fish, you need to be able to “read” the water and see clearly, not only to enhance your fishing game, but to avoid eyestrain as well.  

Nov 11

Most people who like fishing, unfortunately, cannot do it 365 days a year. To overcome long periods away from the sea, river, lake or coast, you could decorate your home in a way that will reflect your favorite hobby. Don’t worry; these five decoration tips and ideas won’t include only boats and anchors. What’s more important, even people who don’t like sea or fishing might find them interesting.  

Mar 9

Fishing enthusiasts love not only to catch fish, but also to share what they did and learned with others. The best way is to do that is to shoot videos of your catch and post it on fishing websites so that other anglers can see them and learn. If you are also in a habit of watching others’ fishing videos, you might be able to distinguish well in good and bad videos. So, you will always want to shoot them best so that people will be interested in watching them. How to shoot captivating fishing videos?... 

Feb 20

Fishing enthusiasts, are you equally enthusiastic about playing games, as you are about fishing? Some of you might say, “No”. However, the game I am going to tell you about will make you so, because it is a fishing game – the all new Phil’s Fishing – the first ever RPG fishing game! Phil’s Fishing is available on Google Play as well as App Store.  

Feb 1

As an angler, what have you enjoyed the most, other than angling? Sharing your best fishing experiences with like-minded anglers? But the anglers you talk to might be your close friends and family members; what if you can share your experiences with the world? Yes, you can do that by joining an online fishing community.  

Nov 18

Fishing enthusiasts want to incorporate their passion in everything they come across. Now on the occasion of Christmas too, they may want to do that, and for their help, so many fishing-themed decoration ideas are coming up every day. There are so many cute Christmas ornaments out there. See, for example, this fishing chair Christmas ornament by Isn’t it fabulous? And they have got so many! Let’s see.  

Aug 15

When you own a boat, you have to consider plenty of accessories necessary for sailing securely and happily. It may be a leisure boat or a fishing boat; you can have a number of accessories for them that are available on the market. If you spend considerable time at sea, you should know that some of these accessories are essential, while others are optional and are meant mainly for offering comfort. Choosing these boat accessories will depend on your requirement and budget.  

Jun 9

Fish is a wonderful creature on earth (or in water?). Like every other animal fish too has its own beauty, specialty and uniqueness. And fish are more colorful than we think of. Just see the deep water world once and you will realize that. Plus, they fall amongst the tastiest and healthiest foods in the world. Fishing is an ancient hobby of man. Today we catch fish either to pamper our taste buds or for recreation. Either way, it’s sheer joy to take fishing pictures. And when some giants are caught... 

Jun 6

Family vacations can be amazing and worth compromising. If you want to include your kids in every activity on a holiday, but still you don’t want to miss all the fun of doing something you really like, you might end up feeling lost and confused. Is it possible to take your children on ice fishing and not to regret it afterwards? Although it does require a large amount of patience, there are few tips that will help you make this experience fulfilling and memorable.