May 23

Only Superman can have the most perfect knife which can do every job best for him. Otherwise no person in this world can have a knife which works well in every situation on any time. If you are going to invest big bucks for quality, you want every factor of the knife to be perfect. Titanium or stainless steel diving knives should be chosen by focusing on every particular aspect of the knives.  

May 5

Within a couple of years, collegiate fishing has literally exploded and a number of organizations today offer a collegiate event circuit. This means that hundreds of young people can now start chasing their dream of being a professional angler at a very young age. However, to get benefited by this opportunity, they should attract sponsorship, which too is a hard task in itself. Tournament fishing, though at collegiate level, can run into huge dollars each year with truck, tackle and boat... 

Dec 12

Man has employed many animals on many jobs. There may be hardly any job left where he has not taken help of an assistant from the other genera. Fishing is also no exception. And it is sometimes also seen that animals help man on their own. Here are two such interesting fishing practices of man, where he is helped by a bird and an animal – one employed and the other volunteering!  

Jul 22

I’ve never been the fishing type. I’m always been more the relax-on-the-beach-with-a-cool-drink type. The “I’ll see you when you get back” type. If I’m near the water, I’m either on the beach, on the deck or poolside. Once in awhile, when I feel adventurous, I’ll dip my feet in the water. Once in awhile. You get the picture.  

Jul 20

Nowadays we have so much knowledge at our fingertips, yet we usually don’t know where to start when improving our business. If you are into charter fishing boat rental business, you might wonder how to grow it, how to be better, more successful and well-known.  

Jun 13

Originally invented to imitate the flavor of food real trout hatchery would like to eat, dough bait is available on the market for years. To cut a long story short, stroked trout know the taste of hatchery pellets, having been raised to feed on them their entire lives. And, yes, they do love it. However, real hatchery trout food can be found only in the form and shape of hard dry hatchery pellets and there are no ways to stick this food on a hook and to keep it there. It seems that it’s useless... 

May 15

A marine water heater is a useful devices for ships and boats designed especially for heating water (and spaces, as well). These heating devices are powered either by propane or electricity and their purpose is to provide required amount of hot water for washing up, shower, personal hygiene. Some marine water heaters can even utilize the wasted heat that the engine of the boat or ship generates in order to heat up the water, without extra cost.