Mar 4

The emergence of a new technique called spybaiting has left many anglers wondering about what the technique is and how spy baits work. A lot of spy baits too are being introduced in the market, like Realis Duo fishing bait and others, which are making anglers curious. So, let’s know more about spybaiting!  

Feb 15

When you look around the baits created by master bait-builder Nathan Bettencourt, you will notice that these lures are distinct in both function as well as design. Nathan Bettencourt strives to create lures having triggering characteristics which are not found in lures created by other makers. Bettencourt has a background in both lure building and fly fishing, and so he can “tie” both of them together. Bettencourt Baits Dying Bluegill, for example, is a master creation and is one... 

Dec 18

The form of fishing which is one of the most popular these days is kayak fishing. Both amateur as well as professional anglers love kayak fishing because there are plenty of advantages hidden in this angling style. We have counted here only a few of them.  

Jun 26

There is none other medium of learning as effective as photos and videos and so, I was enthralled to see a website which provides exceptional fishing videos shot by some of world’s best anglers from which it is quite easy to understand various techniques of fishing. is the site where I could see a lot of excellent videos on various topics like bass fishing, fly fishing, casting, how to catch more fish at night, and much more! I recommend you to take a look at the site... 

Jan 25

Those fishing enthusiasts who always seek new developments in field of their hobby get a wonderful opportunity in every January in form of Birmingham Boat Show, held at Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center (BJCC) in Alabama. The first Boat Show was held in 1972.  

Sep 22

Many fishermen do not use jigs as bass baits because they have never taken just a little time to learn how to use them. If you are ready and willing to try bass jigs fishing, go for it! People always ask which season would be the best for using jigs. No season is wrong for using bass jigs. Due to the facts that jigs are practical in those delicate situations when bass are hard to catch or when slow presentation is of high importance, fishermen often think that jigs are strictly cold-water baits.... 

Jul 23

If you are a spin fisherman you should know the importance of having multiple techniques in your armory while fishing for such wonderful fish and in this post we will try to highlight some of the more effective methods that you can learn while fishing for rainbow trout. Everyone has their own favorite technique when it comes to rainbow trout fishing, but the most important thing is a single method or technique won’t be so effective whenever you go for fishing, so being skilled at different techniques... 

May 4

Trout fishing is very attractive activity for almost everyone. There is no need for a motor, boat, a pH meter, some expensive tackle or specialized equipment. So, even if you are an amateur fisherman, you can still enjoy amazing fishing experience while trout fishing. The only things fishers need for trout fishing are a box of hooks, spin-casting outfits in working order, a pair of hip boots. Of everyone older than 16, a fishing license and a trout stamp is required. Of course, there is no just luck... 

May 4

One of the most sought after game fish in North America is the largemouth bass. It develops in weedy shallow river backwaters and lakes, as its main food supply is available in such areas. Also, sunken debris and aquatic plants supply protection.  

Apr 26

An angler who is passionate about ice-fishing dreams always of owning a power ice auger. However a power ice auger is four times costlier than a good hand auger and so, the purchase is not made so casually. But when one owns a power auger, his world changes altogether. You can imagine how you can set up at your favorite ice fishing territory and are able to drill twenty holes in a time taken by a hand auger to drill one or two holes, and then you are able to move through all those holes as the fish...