May 6

If you’re looking for catching big fish in the ocean, trolling is perhaps the best method to apply. It’s effective as well as exciting, both for learners and pros. If you’re new to trolling, it’s a technique in which a lure is hooked and dragged through the water in a moving boat so as to make the fish feel that the bait is a moving prey. Let’s learn a few tips to master this technique.  

Nov 16

If you love trout fishing, you might have experienced the difficulty in looking for this amazing fish in turbid water during springtime. Rainwater, runoff and snowmelt make water in rivers and streams turbid during this time. Such turbid water poses challenges to trout-fishing-lovers. However, just a little knowledge and appropriate tackle can increase their success rate. Here are a few tips.  

Oct 21

Fishing is doubtlessly a great hobby that takes you close to the nature, relaxes you and makes you forget all your everyday worries. If you’ve decided to develop this hobby, spinning reels can be a great starting point. Let’s learn about this versatile fishing tackle.  

Oct 2

An important aspect of learning fishing is to learn various fishing knots. When you go on your angling trip, you may come across a variety of situations and each of them may need a different type of knot. If you know which knot will suit a particular situation, you can be a successful angler. Here are 3 of the most important fishing knots you should learn how to tie.  

Jun 5

When you’re out on your fishing trip, your ability to scan the water surface dramatically improves your chances to spot your next big catch. Regardless of where you fish, you need to be able to “read” the water and see clearly, not only to enhance your fishing game, but to avoid eyestrain as well.  

Dec 20

In order to ensure that the winter fishing goes smoothly and without incidents, it is better to prepare everything you need in advance.  

Dec 5

Beginning anything is bound to include mistakes and if it’s something like fly fishing which is considered difficult in the first place, mistakes are an inevitable part of learning. This doesn’t mean that you should never learn fly fishing. The fact is that this is such an amazing activity that once you learn and master it, you’ll find it one of the most enlivening activities in your life. You just have to remember and try to avoid the following mistakes so that you can learn this wonderful... 

Sep 21

Have you been unsuccessful in lure fishing and so, are planning to give it up? Hold on! Understand that once you know the basics of lure fishing, you can start to catch significant fish on it, to such an extent that you’d never leave this amazing method of fishing.  

Jun 29

If you’re impressed by the stories of your friend about fly fishing and have developed a liking for this amazing activity, you might have become eager to head towards a serene lake, river or stream and fly fish. However, if you want to fully enjoy it with a great catch, it’s better to know the basics. Most important is to get all the essential fly fishing equipment. Here are a few tips.  

Jun 17

As an ardent angler, you always look for new fishing destinations. But have you ever looked for a new fishing style? If you are planning to do so, paddle board fishing is something great to consider. It’s quite different from the regular fishing you are accustomed to and so, you’ll enjoy it. A paddle board enables you to go to some shallow spots which a boat cannot take you to. Here are a few tips to help you out if you decide to give paddle board fishing a try.