Mar 15

Do you find fly fishing too difficult, too technical and too complicated? This is natural because if you are trying to cast a conventional fly rod for the first time, there are high chances that you may end up with your line messed up. You may take a long time to master that cast which even involves an endless range of tackle including fly lines, rod weight, and wet and dry flies.  

Dec 26

Do you feel that when you go for fishing, your trip should not only be good but a great one? If yes, you are surely looking for some great fly fishing tips. Well, you can not only get free tips but also a fly fishing video guide and your guide is Stuart Wardle, one of the world’s topmost guides and coaches for fly fishing with a huge 35 years of experience in fly fishing in the waters from all over the world. Here are some great fly fishing tips for you.  

Jul 13

The fascinating waters of Key West are rich with marlin and so, any enthusiastic angler would long for deep sea fishing in this area, and the fishing trips here are indeed made fantastic by a fishing charter named Triple Time. This business is run by a wonderful family of fishermen, the Mercurio family, and the current captain – Captain Joe and his crew strive to make your fishing trip enchanting.  

Jun 2

It won’t be wrong to say that fishing lure is the most important fishing gear. Obviously a good angler is always in search of high quality, flawless fishing lure. Such a lure attracts big fishes easily and give the angler the pleasure of getting a nice catch. If you are in search of high quality perfect lures, I suggest you to visit Fishbone Lures – a plastics company dedicated to the production of swimbaits which they design to create a bigger sonar footprint in the water. You will be amazed... 

May 18

Starting out with lure fishing, I began like many people do buying from the local tackle shops. Paying upwards of $6 per lure, of which most initially ended up lost to snags and with no results. The extra money initially however was worth it, as the local fishing shop owners were able to give great advice on how to improve the use of spin lures and soft plastics, along with some other information which I wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere else at the time. After a few weeks though, I... 

Feb 24

While embarking upon an angling expedition, you are full of excitement and you enjoy the journey and your angling experience. However at least some times, you might have found your fishing gear difficult to manage in a bucket or basket to hold in a hand. With lots of baits, your line, hook and sinkers, bobbers, extra sets for all these, and some necessary tools like nose pliers, first aid kit, sunscreen, etc, sometimes you get irritated regarding where to keep them and how to hold them and find... 

Jun 15

Available for only $9.99, “Fly Fishing 134 – for Beginners & Experts” written by Donald Fillmot is an useful guide to the best fly fishing experience.  

Jun 13

Originally invented to imitate the flavor of food real trout hatchery would like to eat, dough bait is available on the market for years. To cut a long story short, stroked trout know the taste of hatchery pellets, having been raised to feed on them their entire lives. And, yes, they do love it. However, real hatchery trout food can be found only in the form and shape of hard dry hatchery pellets and there are no ways to stick this food on a hook and to keep it there. It seems that it’s useless... 

Apr 19

We all like fishing stories and nice pics of anglers and their catches. It’s a wonderful way to share your happiness, success, issues and anything else related to your fishing experience. What about the videos? We’ll have to admit it, when you go to fishing, you spend some times doing some “boring to watch” things. Who would like to film all of it or who would be interested in watching that kind of videos? Nobody. But, what if I told you that I have found YouTube Channel with... 

Apr 17

Everybody has a childhood dream and many kids dream to live on the sea. But, how many adults have achieved their childhood goals? It is such a rarity. All of you who read this are fishing lovers, many of you prefer saltwater fishing. If you have dreamed about life on the boat, still you find your feet stuck in the sand, here is the book for you. The book that depicts what could have happened if you chose to live your dream. Or, if you are a captain or you have spent some days on the sea, these stories...