Nov 17

fishing brithday partyIf you are an ardent fishing enthusiast, you will naturally be more than happy if your little one too is showing a keen interest in fishing. You can grow her/his fishing interest by celebrating a wonderful fishing birthday party on the ocean or lake or river. You and your kid, her/his friends and your other family members will enjoy this party, the food in which will be uniquely delicious. Take a look at Fest diner for wonderful fish dishes and a plethora of other tasty culinary wonders you can order from them to suit your fishing birthday party. Here are some tips for your event.

What Will You Need?

In addition to the regular party supplies, like cups, glasses, plates, napkins and decorations, you would like to have some of the following things:

  • Sand
  • Seashells
  • Ocean-themed pictures and cartoons like The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Ponyo and SpongeBob
  • A bubble machine

fishing cartoons

Food Ideas

Food is the main ingredient of any party and your fishing party is also not an exception. Theme-specific treats are real fun for both the host as well as the guests. Consider the following:

  • Fish-shaped cookies, sandwiches, deli meat slices and cheese slices
  • Goldfish crackers, gummy sharks, Swedish Fish, sour gummy fish
  • “Sea Water” in form of apple juice pitchers colored with blue food color and served with “fish straws”
  • Seashell-shaped pasta served with a little butter
    Fish food ice cream
  • Fish cake

fish straws

Instead of fish cake, you can also create a “jello” ocean with the help of green and blue jelly beans on the bottom of a glass baking dish, and blue-colored jello over them and adding gummy fish before the jello sets!

fish jello

You can get all these fantastic food items at Fest Diner or any other mouthwatering dishes for your juniors’ fishing party. So, celebrate this fishing trip with a big excitement unlike your usual calm and quiet angling expedition, and let the fish enjoy too!