May 17

Most of us like to have fish in every meal, but preparing fish correctly, with appropriate ingredients can make it taste good actually. Here is a wonderful fish recipe cooked with mustard:

For The Fish

Water – 4 cup

Bay leaves 2

Sliced lemon ½

Peeled onion 1

Salt 1 tbsp

Peppercorns 6-7

Shredded carrot 1 cup

Method: Mix water, carrot, salt, onion, peppercorns and bay leaves in a huge pan. Bring it boil on high heat. Lower the temperature and combine fillet. The fish throw out the excess water. Cover the entire skillet and wait for some time, turn the other end and then wait for five minutes again. Keep the liquid that comes from the fish since you need it for mustard sauce. Now keep fish on a warm plate and cover it with aluminum foil paper.

For the Mustard Sauce

Flour 2 tbsp

Butter 2 tbsp

Mustard paste 3tbsp

Salt (according to taste)

Fish stock

Fat free half and half milk 2tbsp

Method: Melt butter in a pan and sprinkle flour, mix well into it. Repeat step until 2 tablespoons of flour has dissolved completely in the butter. Now combine sugar, mustard and fish stock. Mix well on a medium heat until the ingredients get mixed well. Add milk for a saucy and creamy texture.

In a plate add the sauce, keep fish and add some more sauce to it. If you want it more spicy add more mustard.

Incorporate wine and salad to make your food ready for the evening.