Sep 26


Different kinds of fish soup recipes have been mentioned here below:


1. Crayfish soup: Crayfish-50, butter-1/4lb, anchovies-6, French roll crumb-1 roll, lobster-spawn- a little, seasoning according to taste, medium stock or fish stock-2 quarts.


Method: First shell the crayfish and place it between two plates, beat the shells with butter and anchovies in a mortar, when it is beaten well add a pint of stock, put it on low flame for 45 minutes. Strain it and add the remaining stock to it, add crumb and let it boil. Add fish, but the soup shouldn’t boil anymore once it has been rubbed with tammy. Add seasoning if you want. This recipe takes one and half hour to prepare it properly.


2. Fish stock: Beef or veal-2lbs (can be excluded), onions-2, lemon rind-1/2 lemon, sweet herbs-1 bunch, carrots-2, water-2 quarts.


Method: Cut the fish and combine it with other ingredients and water. Simmer for couple of hours. Now skim the liquor slowly and strain it. If you want thick and flavored stock, fry vegetables and fish before you add water. This recipe takes two hours to prepare it, remember not make this stock too early, make it just before your eating time, otherwise it will turn sour.

3. Eel soup: eels-3lbs, onion-1, butter-2oz, mace- 3blades, sweet herbs-1 bunch, peppercors-1/4 oz, salt according to taste, flour-2tbsp, cream-1/4 pint, water-2 quarts.


Method: First of all wash eels properly, cut them into thin slices and add them to a stewpan with butter and simmer for few minutes. Pour water and add thinly sliced onions to it, add seasoning, mace and herbs. Put it on low flame till the eels become tender, but make sure you don’t break it. Take them out slowly, make smooth batter out of flour with cream and bring it to boil. Pour this batter over eels and serve hot. Cooking time of this recipe is approximately one hour. You can flavor this soup in a different by excluding cream and adding some ketchup.