Feb 18

Fishing lovers go fishing not only because of an opportunity to have an incredibly healthy meal, but because of the thrill and excitement. However, it is always a pleasure to provide yourself a delicious nutritive food and fish certainly is that. However, it is also prone to spoiling and therefore you have to ship it back to the coast carefully. If you want to obtain fresh fish, you have to use specific conservation techniques to keep your catch fresh and cold. Otherwise, you will ship the fish and when you arrive at the coast your fish will taste and smell not so nice. Plus, you will risk to have some digestive problems due to the microbial spoilage.

So, how to succeed in this quest? First of all, enjoy your fishing experience. Once you catch the fish you are allowed to take home, take care of your catch. Wrap each fish in a paper to absorb moisture. Moisture is one of the greatest factors of spoilage. After that you should pack the wrapped fish in a cooler with dry ice. Cooler should be soft-sided and dry ice is the best way to keep your catch cold while transporting it.