Jun 8

A passionate angler not only becomes happy with the number of fish he catches but also enjoys the ambience of the fishing destination. And therefore, he is always in search of new fishing destinations where he can enjoy the nature’s beauty. If you are such an angler, why don’t you try the Northwest Indiana?

Whether you are looking for all-day fishing or a quick 2-hour trip, Northwest Indiana has all that you need. Here are a few wonderful spots where you’d love to cast a line, especially in summer.

1. Lake George

Lake George Dam is located in Hobart and is a perfect area from beginners to seasoned anglers. These waters contain some big fish and the surrounding area is extremely relaxing. There is a range of water levels close by, letting you do some fly fishing and also spinning as well as traditional baitcasting. The waters are populated by bream, carp, catfish, largemouth bass and bluegill, along with a dash of other fish. It’s impossible to go empty-handed from this lake. You can park at the Lakefront Park and Festival Park in Hobart and walk towards the dam. Lakefront Park also has a boat launch.

2. Kankakee River

Kankakee River State Park fishing area is one of the most expansive areas in Northwest Indiana where you get about 90 miles of river basin to cast your line. There are numerous access points to the river and you can fish just off some bridges and riverbeds. Wherever you plan to try your luck in Kankakee, you can get your hands on walleye, smallmouth bass and even northern pike, sometimes as big as 20 pounds. This is a great destination where adventurous anglers can expect the trophy catch.

Kankakee River State Park fishing

3. Wolf Lake

Located quite close to the Indiana/Illinois border, Wolf Lake gives a feel of a big lake in a smaller setting. It has a well-developed park and recreation area near its Wolf Lake Pavilion, and is a perfect spot for serious anglers and also for those who want to fish casually with their kids. The lake has a great variety of fish including the rare lake sturgeon, walleye, herring and pike.

4. Lake Michigan

It’s just wrong to not mention the mammoth Lake Michigan as a great fishing spot. Whether you are on a pier, on the edge or going deep in the water on a boat, Lake Michigan has hoards of areas to fish for Chinook salmon, coho, yellow perch, lake trout and many more.

So, what are you waiting for? Head toward the Northwest Indiana for a great fishing experience.