Aug 7
carp fishing holidays in France

Planning for a carp fishing holiday in France? That’s a great decision. France is bestowed with carp of numerous sizes and shapes that occur in several locations and conditions. However, in order to make your trip successful, you need to prepare for weeks, though not months, in advance. There are various factors involved from food and tackle to logistics and satnav. Here are a few important points to consider carefully.

1. Determine Your Fishing Goals

Carp fishing holidays in France can be customized to almost all tastes. So, you can make the most of your holiday if you are clear about what your fishing goal is. Ask yourself whether you are looking for a monster or just peace and serenity and will count it as a bonus if you get a fish. French fishing destinations are tailored to ambitions of every angler. So, you can find one that suits you the most.

2. Gauge Your Traveling Ability

Most motorways in France are toll roads. If you’re heading towards South France, driving time, tolls and fuel can add up. Decide on how long you can drive and set a travel budget. That way you can narrow down your venues.

carp fishing holidays in France

3. Decide How You Want to Eat

Staying at a place with half or full board will allow you to spend time in fishing and not cooking. However, meal times are typically fixed and last only for around an hour; so, this option offers less flexibility. On the contrary, self-cooking gives you more freedom.

4. Types of Carp Fishing Destinations in France

Once you plan on how your fishing trip should be and what you want from it, the next thing you should plan for is what type of destination you want to fish in. Destinations for carp fishing holidays in France vary widely; but they generally fall into one of three main types.

Public Lakes

If you are on a budget or if your trip is strictly about the fish, the option of public lakes could be perfect for you. France has hundreds of public fishing lakes and most of these lakes have carp in them. Upside of public lakes is that you get ample accommodation options, like campsites, B&B etc. Downside is that getting information on stock levels and local rules is difficult here. Obtaining a fishing permit is easy, but knowing where you can set up your rods might be challenging. As such, you can walk around the lake and ask; but this is time-consuming.

carp fishing holidays in France

Private Venues

If you are in search of the best fishing with no hassle, you should go for private venues. They are maintained and managed by local bailiffs; so, it’s made sure fish grow well. Also, there are good amenities including food, accommodation and English-speaking staff.

However, you may have to face restrictions at private venues. But every venue is different and you can shop around to find the most suitable one.


Rivers are real outdoors, absolutely opposite of private venues. There are plenty of isolated rivers and serene canals in France where you can spend the entire day with no one being seen. This fishing style needs a lot of planning but it’s well worth for a truly adventurous carp-seeker.

carp fishing holidays in France

First and foremost, you have to carry a lot of stuff as you’ll get no tackle shop nearby and you’ll have to walk a lot to reach the nearest car park. So, plan carefully what to carry. Moreover, the riverbanks won’t be well-maintained; so, you may have to struggle to find a good spot.

But the waters themselves are highly challenging, something that pro anglers love, but not beginners. So, if you love challenges, rivers are for you.

So, are you ready for some great carp fishing holidays in France?