Sep 19


Fishing in Bahamas is completely different compared to other fishing destinations in the world. There are lots of interesting fishing tours which can take you to the great fishing spots of Bahamas and again get you back to your place along with a trophy. There is abundant fly fishing, bone fishing, deep sea fishing and game fishing and you can also find licensed services that can take you the exact spots. If there is something that is abundant in Bahamas is fish. If you like fishing then there would be no other place in the world that would make you happy other than Bahamas. There are different locations all over Bahamas where fishing is just incredible, and every location has its own special characteristics waiting for you to explore it.

Bimini: It is called as the World’s fishing capital. Due to its closeness to the Florida tip, it is considered to be one of the best and popular locations. You can easily catch a bonefish and blue marlin here. You can reach Bimini easily since it is only 50 miles away from the Florida coast.


You can go to Marsh Harbor in every spring if you are interested in catching huge blue marlin.


HarborIslandinBahamasis the best place to go for fishing from April to September, this is the best spot to catch yellow fin tuna.


If you want to get away from the crowd and want to hide yourself in an isolated spot where there are lots of fishes and crowd is less, then Rum Cay is the best fishing choice of Bahamas. You can find a seamount here and you can find Wahoo fish here, they are so many in number that they literally jump into your boat. They are of pretty decent size and they weigh up to 100 pounds. The best time to catch them is late spring and all throughout summer. If you want to catch them earlier like between January and March, San Salvadorthe perfect place for you. There are many rips, sea mounts, currents in this area where the fish gather, and Wahoo of 140 pounds have been caught here.


On the west side of Eleuthera Island, there is a place called Davis Harbor, it is well-known for its brilliant jack mackerel, dolphin fishing and yellow fin. It is known to be the best hangout of some biggest grouper as well inBahamas.