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fishing in brightonBrighton is not only a beautiful town which attracts tourists, but it is also a fishing paradise. Being a coastal town, Brighton favors sea fishing and has abundant spots from where you can undertake an exciting angling expedition. If you want to enjoy them all, you should choose one of the beautiful and comfortable places to stay in Brighton and stay there for a longer time, rather than planning a one-day trip. Here is some info on Brighton’s most potential fishing spots which may be useful to you.

Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina is famous for summer fishing for Bass, Garfish, Mackerel, Bream and Pollack. The best methods for these species (barring Bass) are float fishing, feathers or slider. While bottom fishing, cast not beyond 20 yards because fish are usually found within 5 yards off the wall most of the times, though some species are an exception. This area is truly rich and you can catch any species from Wrasse, Bream, Bass, Mullet, Pout, Flounders, Eels, Plaice, Sole, Trigger fish, Thornback rays and Whiting, to Smoothhound, Dogfish, Rockling, Dab and Codling, depending on the season, bait and conditions. Make use of a 2 or 3 hook flapper/paternoster while fishing at the bottom for most of the species. Mackerel heads or live Joey Mackerel can prove better for bass, on a long snood.

brighton marina

Brighton Beaches

The stretch of the Brighton Beach has several nice species of fish; but accessing the beach is a bit problematic because of problems of parking. Since Brighton is mainly a tourist destination, the beaches become rather unfishable in summer months. You can access beaches at early morning or night during this season. Seaford Beach is more preferable for night fishing as it is less packed with tourists, and there is relatively less disturbance from nutters. Parking too is free at Seaford.

brighton beach fishing

For an OVERALL fishing success along the Brighton beaches the best tackle to use is a 2 or 3 hook patemoster having 4 size hooks and beads upon the bottom hook length. King rag is available at most bait shops so it is better to use it as bait.

Locations: There are a number of superb locations along the beaches of Brighton. But if you consider locations between Brighton Marina and the west pier, some spots connected to groins are more important as they make the beaches more accessible and attract fish more too. Some great locations along the beaches are all close to groynes because here lots of baits are held and its structure is such that it makes fish feel safe. Main locations in this area are Banjo Groin (Madera drive next to the Concorde Nightclub), Peter Pans close to Banjo Groin, Donut or East Street Groin, Palace Pier Groin (near the Palace Pier) and the West Pier beaches.

The Churchill Brighton Guest House is an 1825-built Grade II building owned by Martin and Ashley Culverhouse – father and son. Very conveniently located within just a minute from the sea, Churchill Brighton Guest House is appropriately cozy, luxurious and pleasant to offer you a great comfort after a tiring fishing trip.