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lake garda fishing Italy is a beautiful country and a heaven for travel-lovers. The seaside country has many gems in its magic sac for tourists and one of the most enchanting among them is Lake Garda. The wonderful lake lies in Northern Italy between Venice and Milan and is the largest lake of the country. Its surrounding is extremely amazing because of beautiful mountains, groves of olive and citrus trees and a year-round pleasant climate, and has a power to offer the most desired peace of mind to tourists. As such, there are many activities you can undertake at Lake Garda, but fishing is a prominent one and if you love fishing, you should get hold of your gear at once and head towards the lake to have a wonderful day of angling amid soothing atmosphere and eye-pleasing scenery.

There are lots of fishing opportunities at Lake Garda because of numerous fishing spots, campsites and a surprising variety of fish. The lake has a coastline of about 145 km or 90 miles offering you many perfect places to reel in. Even River Sacra which feeds the lake from the top is a superb angling destination because of the beautiful scenery.

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You should remember that wherever and whenever you fish on Lake Garda, you will require a fishing license. It costs about €20 and will enable you to fish anywhere in Italy. You can visit the local provincial office to obtain the license.

Some Prominent Fish Species

As such there are more than 30 different fish species found in Lake Garda. The commonest and most sought after are Trout, Carp, Chubb, Salmon, Whitefish, Eel, Tench, Pike, Bleak and Perch.

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During certain times of the year, fishing of some species and certain size is banned to protect their numbers in the lake. Also fishing is not allowed till one hour after dawn and after an hour before dusk (except night eel fishing). Best is to know all these areas and their restrictions in detail so as to not fall into any problem.


There are about 120 fishing campsites around Lake Garda with fully serviced touring pitches of various sizes and separated by hedges, with electrical connections. Enjoying angling in campsites is a different experience with tall and neatly trimmed trees lining the avenues which take you to the lake, terraces which offer you pleasant views of the lake and mountains, superb olive groves, facilities for children and babies, modern amenities like washing machines and dryers and motor caravan service, mini-markets, restaurants serving mouthwatering food and bars with premium drinks, relaxation areas, sports facilities and much more. Some of them are privately owned. Some prominent fishing campsites at Lake Garda are Camping Lido, Camping du Parc, Camping Garden Tourist, Altomincio Family Park, Camping Serenella, Piantelle Camping and many others.


So, if you are in search of a dreamy destination where you can spend hours of fishing enjoying a true tranquility, consider Lake Garda, and you will get what you want.