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"Florida Fishing"Florida is situated at the east coast of United States. The climate in the state makes the name of the state as “Sunshine State”, and there are all the necessary amenities present here for the dwelling of natural vegetation and life. Being a coastline i.e. east coast and above all it surrounded with water from three sides, the state is earning lots of profits from the business of fishing which is a major occupation of the people of Florida. There is a huge variety of fish treasure in the south western coastline of Florida including the World famous Florida Pompano. All the major fishery spots are located in this region. However, there are major fresh water fishing spots also present in the state spanning from Lake Istokpoga in the South West to Lake Blue Cypress in the North Eastern Part of the state.

Freshwater fishing in Florida

Fishing in Rivers – The Suwanee River, Chipola River, Escambia River and Withlacoochee River in the North Central and North Western part, Oklahawa River, St. Johns River in the North Eastern  part and Peace River in the South Western part of the state observes a majority of fishing activities. The activities of fishing increases in the summer time because there is an increase in the number of fishes statewide.

Fishing in Lakes – There are over 20 major lakes in the state and everyone of it has its own importance. Lake Istokpoga, Lake Parker, Lake Tarpon in the Southern Part of the state, Lake Seminole, Lake Victor, Lake Talquin, Lake Sampson, Lake Rousseau, Lake Santa Fe are the major fishing attractions in the northern part of the state. The recommended season for fishing is summers.

Saltwater Fishing in Florida

Salt water fishing is the main attraction of Florida State because of the fact that it is surrounded by seas from three sides and that makes it the world’s top hub in the saltwater fishing. The South Western Coastline is broken into many island and this place is the heaven for the fishes due to the great climate conditions of the place. Cape Corel, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Miami in this area are the best attractions which a person should visit if he likes fishing in dream place.

The most popular fish species you can catch in Florida

Since the State is a treasure for fishery industry, it hosts a variety of species of fishes in its territories. However, there are tons of species found in Florida, there are some most popular ones which are listed below :

  • Snook
  • Trout
  • Spanish
  • Red Drum
  • Tarpon
  • Gag Grouper
  • King Mackerel

The best place for fishing in Florida

The best place beyond any doubts for fishing in Florida is the South Western Coastal Region of the State. This region has a number of islands which make this unique place very beautiful as well as it is gifted the treasure of favorable climate for natural vegetation. The saltwater fishing in the state is mostly observed in these regions, however the occupation more or less equally distributed around the State

Tips for fishing in Florida

  • The best season for fishing in Florida is in summers from May to October.
  • As the major areas of fishery are spread all over the state, it is very important that you choose the right place for your activities.
  • Prefer to move on your own vehicle through the roadways in order to save some expenses.
  • The motels in the state charge an average cost i.e. not too high and not even too low.
  • The motels are heavily rushed in the summer season and it is my best suggestion to book your place in advance.
  • Have a happy fishing in Florida