Mar 2

fishig in hvar islandIs catching fish is the only aim of anglers? I think no. anglers go fishing because they want to spend some quiet moments on the lap of Nature, some thrill in finding the catch they want and a lot of fresh air to breathe in. And if what I say is true about you, try this time the Hvar Island for your angling expedition. This is an ultimate beautiful island in Croatia with gently rolling hills painted in bright purple with thriving cultivations of lavender, lush vineyards, gorgeous pebbly beaches with mysterious inlets and coves, and a wonderful mixture of medieval streets and vibrant nightlife amidst them. Having an all-time pleasant climate, bright sunlight and an ocean rich with a variety of fish, Hvar Island makes an ideal fishing destination. And for a range of superb accommodation options, visit

Being an island with excellent beaches, sea fishing is your best bet in Hvar Island. The water is incredibly clear and unless you will be hiring a boat, very light gear is the most recommendable. Most locals too use very light, grauvell style, fast tipped continental rods, light lines and small baits. There are a lot of mullets around and at night, you can see hundreds of bass cruising in and out in the groups of small baitfish; so, taking a few dexters or 1-2 plug too can be helpful.

Other fish species are wrasse, sandeel, mackerel, whiting, thronback ray, codling, dab and many more.

On the marina and in Dubrovnik, you will get boat fishing stalls and rental boats. Organized fishing tours are arranged by experienced fishermen. You can enjoy diverse fishing activities on these boats and use lots of tools and methods, like nets, longlines, hooks, traps, middle game fishing and big game fishing. Some of them also allow preparation of the fish caught on board. You can choose between full-day and half-day tours. Even you can enjoy other activities like octopusy and squid fishing on such expeditions which are relatively simple.

The fishing excursions offer various types of packages, like speedboats, snorkeling and swimming, net fishing with local fishermen, traditional lunch prepared with seasonal ingredients, the fish caught in net and local wine, etc. You can buy a package as per your choice.

So, for this fishing expedition, choose Hvar Island and you will have a never-before experience of fishing in an excellently pleasant climate, clear waters and lots of tasty fish.