Jul 5

Tuna Fishing, St Pietro Island, Sardinia, ItalySardinia a beautiful huge island in Italy, tucked in the Mediterranean Sea, has lots of things to do; but it particularly attracts fishing enthusiasts because of its extensive coastline. Fishing in Sardinia is an extremely popular activity and there are innumerable fish species in the waters here providing ample fishing opportunities, like blue fish, dolphin fish, garfish, Bass, European barracuda, and many others. Sardinia satisfies the hunger of those who love shore fishing and of those too who are more interested in deep sea fishing.  Click here to see what excellent facilities Sardinia has.

Kinds of Fishing and Fishes Sardinia Offers

Sardinia offers almost every type of fishing like fly fishing, boat fishing, shore fishing, spinning, deep sea fishing and more. You get tuna, barracuda, leerfish, grey mullets, bass, sabled breams, sargos, gilthead breams, morays, a variety of rockfish, and many other small and big players in the Sardinian waters.

Sardinia is supposed to be an excellent place for spear fishing, because it has clear waters that house all types of Mediterranean fishes. Any type of fishing you want to practice, you can do it in Sardinia.


You will need one quite long spear gun with reel for open water hunting and another short one for the caves.


You don’t need a license for fishing in Italia. You are permitted to bring 5 kg of fish per day or 1 large size fish, like pelagic.

You should hunt maximum about 50 meters from your flag, 500 meters from a beach with people and 100 meters from a professional fishing boat or fishing installation.

Get the knowledge of protected AMP – you can ask the local coast guard.