Jul 11

fishing cote d'azurIf you are a sea fishing enthusiast, there are “a dream come true” places in Europe for you. Amongst them, there is the mythical birthplace of Bouillabiasse, the Provencal coastline. Fishing on the Cote d’Azur can be one memorable experience, since the Mediterranean waters are well known for being very tempting and rich hunting grounds. Rock fish are the main catches, of course, and you will find a lots of them in the fish soup later in the evening. Depending on the spot where fisherman casts his fishing line, he can expect to catch different kinds of fish.

The bay of Cassis is quite difficult for fishing, because there are Cap Croisette on one side and Cap Canaille on the other. However, there are hand line fishing techniques, as well as bottom fishing, that would enable you to catch sea bass, sea bream, bass, pegallus and other fish from the covered in seaweed rocky seabed. Sea bass breeds at the Calanques of Morgiou and Sormiou, so here it’s easy to be caught. If you are looking for places to catch some squid, go to the islands of Riou and Jarre, these waters are full of squid. When it comes to Ciotat Bay, it is a home to many fish habitats: sparidaes, mackarel, rock fish, moray eels.

Altogehter, one of the most popular activities and pastimes on the campsites all across Europe is in fact fishing. These campsites are usually rural with fishing spots very close to them. There are also rivers, ponds, streams and lakes, not only the sea, so whatever fishing experience you are looking for, you can certainly find here. There are campsites which are well-placed geologically and geographically, closer to the great trout stream or sea, while others have at least waterside accommodations, purpose-built fishing lakes etc.