Jan 15

fishing in amazon basinFor any keen angler, Amazon River basin is a magical group of words. The basin has got a larger fish diversity than any other river basin in the world, with its more than 2,200 fish species. The basin is drained by the River Amazon and its tributaries for an area of around 6,915,000 sq. km, which is almost 40% of South America. The basin comes in the territories of Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Guyana, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela and Suriname. The Amazon rainforest which covers most of the basin is also known as Amazonia which is world’s largest rainforest.

Amazonia is a center of diversity for Neotropical fishes. The Red-bellied Piranha native to the basin is an omnivorous hunter and encompasses a bigger geographical area than any other species of Piranha. Other most sought after fish species in the basin are Peacock Bass, Arapaima, Aruana, Bicuda, Redtail Catfish, Jacunda, Tambaqui (Cachama), Pirapitinga, Payara, Wolf Fish, Aimara, Traira, and many others.


The beautiful city of Manaus in northern Brazil forms a convenient base for fishing in two major rivers of the area, Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes. Most fishing tours provide multiple day trips for fishing as well as sight-seeing. One company provides even a day fishing tour which starts at sunrise and ends in the night. These tours are extremely enjoyable because along with angling, a splendid introduction to the Nature and wildlife is offered by these tours that thrive near the city.


Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

Pacaya Samiria National Reserve was founded by the Peruvian Government in 1982 with the purpose of preservation of wilderness resources and lovely landscapes. The Reserve has a great diversity of aquatic life, along with wildlife. Needless to say that fishing cruises here offer sheer joy.

Pacaya Samiria National Reserve fishing

Mamore River

In the heart of Bolivia, flows the amazing River Mamore, a part of Amazon River basin and home to an enormous number of fish species. The migration of these fish proves to be a mobile hunting ground for the forceful Golden Dorado which change color of the water merely by their size and number. These fish are elegant as well as brutal, and you must have caught no other fish like it ever.

mamore - dorado

These are just some of the endless list of fishing destinations in the Amazon River basin. The fishing experience here is just indescribable and you only have to head towards the dreamland for enjoying it yourself.

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