Dec 26
Key West fishing

If you are looking for a fishing destination that will truly amaze you, you can’t afford to miss the Florida Keys. This southernmost part of the United States and also of Florida is formed of a series of cays or keys and offers some of the best fishing you might have ever experienced. Once you step in this beautiful land, it will become yours forever and then you can’t resist yourself from coming here every year.

Why are Florida Keys So Special for Anglers?

Florida Keys are a heaven for anglers. Plus, if you are a diving enthusiast, it has got numerous outstanding diving spots. Keys are a chain of coral islands running southward from the tip of Florida, up to around 130 miles. The bridges linking them are breathtaking.

Florida Keys offer literally countless fishing options. For example, you can go for flats and backcountry fishing for tarpon, barracuda, permit and bonefish, chase after wahoo or mahi mahi, reef and wreck fish for grouper, snapper and cobia or go offshore for billfish like marlin or sailfish. Don’t miss to catch and cook your own lobster. And if you head for deep sea fishing in the Keys, you’ll have a never-before and unforgettable experience. Some of the most enthralling deep sea fishing is offered by the Keys because you get a tremendous diversity of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico in this trip. Wonderful charter fishing boats are available all the time to take you on a great voyage from where you are going to return thrilled, excited and amazed.

Key West fishing

Rules and Regulations

You should have a valid fishing license while fishing in the Florida Keys, from shore or from a private boat. However, if you will be fishing from a charter boat, you will be covered by the license of the boat and don’t have to worry about buying your own.

Another thing to remember is certain species require a special permit, like lobster and while fishing in the federal waters, sailfish and marlin. So, make sure, you have learnt all the rules and regulations before getting to the water. Again in case of a charter boat, this won’t be a problem because the captain and crew know the rules thoroughly. However, you don’t lose anything if you on your own too learn about the rules.

We hope that this has created a great interest in you about Florida Key fishing. So, when are you planning the trip?