Apr 7

Vanern Lake Sweden FishingHave you considered a fishing vacation in Sweden? This country is approximately 2,000 kilometers long from tip to toe and therefore it has several climate zones. In the central part of the Kingdom of Sweden, fishing season lasts from April to November. If you go southern, the season is usually year-around in coastal rivers and off the coast, as well as in some lakes and inland rivers. When it comes to northern parts, May to October generally applies. 

Lake Fishing in Sweden

Wherever in Sweden you are, you are always near one of its lovely lakes. How come? This country has about 100,000 lakes! The biggest one is Lake Vänern with the surface of approximately 5,600 kilometers and it is located in the south-west. This beautiful lake has an archipelago of around 20,000 islands and its own weather system. If you are interested in trolling for trout, salmon, zander and pike – Lake Vänern creates fantastic fishing possibilities.

If you forge to the southern Sweden and its mostly lowland lakes, pike, perch, coarse species and zander is what you will be likely to catch. But, as you head northwards, what waits for you is more hilly, rugged and forest carpeted landscape. Once you approach the high north, the towering mountain peaks, Arctic tundra, glaciers and meadows take over. Lakes here are full of Arctic char, grayling and brown trout.

River Fishing in Sweden

If you are interested in the big river systems, travel to the wild northern parts of Sweden. They offer great fishing opportunities with wild rapids, waterfalls and slow pools. However, it’s recommended to hire a guide if you are angling in the Arctic Circle, since weather conditions might be extreme, terrain is quite difficult and the area is sparsely populated. Undoubtedly, you would have exotic and charming fishing experience. Brown trout, grayling and char are species this area is full of.

In central Sweden, the southern stretch of the Dalälven river is about 200 kilometers long and its surrounding area looks as a patchwork of marches, wetlands, meadows and fantastic angling waters. This river is great for casting for big zander, perch and pike. If your heart beats faster when fishing salmon, head to south to the Blekinge province and the legendary Mörrumsån river. In the east coast there are many rivers with sea trout and salmon fish.