Jul 8

panama kayak fishingIf you are a kayak fishing enthusiast, you should explore Panama City, and if you haven’t gone there yet, you will feel as if you have come to just the right place! Just some minutes from the Gulf of Mexico, located on Florida’s Panhandle and adorned with a number of lagoons and bays, Panama City offers a paradise for kayak fishing enthusiasts. Almost at the middle point of Pensacola to its west and Tallahassee to its east, Panama City can be easily accessed from north Florida and even from southeastern Mississippi, southwestern Georgia and southern Alabama. If you are coming from still farther, Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport will be apt for you to get in.

Panama City Kayak Fishing Association

panama city kayak fishing assocnPanama City Kayak Fishing Association (pckfa.com) was founded in 2010 and meets once in a month. It also conducts a monthly group fishing expedition in the Panama City area. If you plan for the kayak fishing tour in Panama City, it is good to sign up for the monthly online newsletter of the association, which has a wealth of info about the upcoming meetings, experiences of local kayak anglers, and even an important forecast of Panama City waters.

Waters of Panama City

You will be amazed to see the diversity of fish and fishing experiences the waters in and around the area offer.  The usually peaceful Gulf of Mexico, a bit offshore of its famous white sandy beaches, offers excellent opportunities to pull in king mackerel and Spanish mackerel. Some anglers have even hauled in sailfish from their lightweight kayaks, as reported by the ‘Kayak Fishing Magazine’. If you choose to limit yourself to sheltered waters, you will find numerous sea trout and redfish in the flats and bays. And those anglers who remain near the mangroves along the shore of the lagoons may get their hands on one or two snook.

kayak fishing in gulf of mexico

Choosing the Right Kayak

A sit-on-top kayak is best for you if you plan bulk fishing in the gulf, as opined by the ‘Inshore Fishing Journal’. If the sea turns a bit rough and overturns your kayak, you will face a little problem to clear of the boat. You get a wider choice of kayaks if you plan for inshore fishing, which includes a sit-in boat which is broader and more stable. Its drawback is it moves slowly. A faster kayak is narrower and easier to maneuver. You can even have kayaks that can be pedaled leaving your hands free for the fishing gear. Paddling increases the ability of the angler to maneuver in tight spaces. Whichever style you prefer, you will get a wide choice in rental kayaks. Sunjammers Watersports (sunjammers.com) and Bay Point Water Sports (baypointwatersports.com) are good places to get them.

Guided Expeditions

If you are a novice in kayak fishing or unaware of the area, guided expedition is the best option for you. Linda Cavitt is the founder of Panama City Kayak Fishing Association and is also an operator of a kayak, which is an uninspected vessel, certified by US Coast Guard (captlinda.com). She offers two kinds of expeditions, inshore and offshore. Through the inshore excursions, you can go to the sheltered bays, creeks, flats, and bayous, while offshore tours take you on trolling in the gulf, at least two miles from the seashore, if surf conditions are favorable. Though Linda Cavitt is the only guide for kayak fishing in the area, there are private guided kayak charters available in Destin, on the west of Panama City (click ‘Destin’ at tripshock.com).