Oct 15

Sri Lanka Tours for Deep Sea Fishing

Whilst staying at the wonderful Apsara Villa just outside of Bentota on my recent Sri Lanka tours, I took a trip down to the local fish harbour.

During the early morning, just as the nightly catch is coming in, Beruwela Fish Harbour is energetic, full of life and rarely visited by other foreign tourists; making it a fascinating experience. As I watched the boats unloading I was struck by the sense of excitement in the air. There were vessels of all shapes, sizes and colours, with some having been out at sea for months on end.

"Sri Lanka Fishing"The harbour was abuzz with activity as the creatures of the deep were unloaded including tuna, crabs, lobsters, sharks and rays. Although not for the squeamish or faint hearted, you can learn about how fish is sorted, sold and distributed at all levels and it was a fascinating experience and a brilliant photo opportunity.

Sri Lanka Holidays are known for its plethora of deep sea fishing Sri Lanka holiday tours, with it often said that a man can simply throw his net out and immediately pull it back abrim with fish. For this reason, many people make the most of this abundance by heading out on holiday to Sri Lanka to take part in Deep Sea Fishing. The Indian Ocean surrounding Bentota is rich with Tuna, Jack Fish, Red & White Snappers, Barracuda, sharks, groupers and the stunning Wahoo, making a morning spent deep sea fishing here a fantastic experience. If and when you make a catch, the fishermen clean up your fish and you can either take it back to enjoy for dinner where the chef at your Bentota hotel will prepare it for you, or you can send it off to market.

During the off season, it is possible to try your hand at lagoon fishing. Taking place in the quieter waters at the edge of the river mouth, you have the opportunity to catch mangrove jacks, snappers, mullet and cat fish.

All of these fishing activities in addition to a variety of water sports and dolphin and whale watching are within easy distance of your South Coast Sri Lanka hotel such as those in Bentota, Galle, Mirissa and Tangalle. My best picks in these areas are Apsara villa, Aditya boutique resort, Apa Villa and Buckhingham Place. The South Coast is far more accessible now too due to the introduction of Sri Lankan Airlines’ Sea Plane. Not to be missed!!