Mar 28

The Florida Keys are popular touristic destination, attracting visitors in many ways. They are quite famous destination for beach weddings, family vacations and honeymoons, but also they have some wonderful fishing sites, especially Key West. In fact, if one place has all what tropics can offer, this place is certainly Key West.  Southbound Sportfishing with experienced Captain Richard Houde, the fishing charter that would take you to feel and experience fabulous sportfishing. Captain Richard Houde has been charter fishing for over twenty years and he always posts photographs from every charter, even when the catch is not the best – it is shown.

Even if you are not fishing expert, but you love to go fishing from time to time, Key West is a very attractive vacation destination and there are even special packages including multi day fishing plus accommodation in Key West. Fishing during the daytime and partying all night is something many people imagine when thinking about the perfect vacation. Yes, it is possible and available, so the dreams can come true. Private charters, split charters or whatever fishermen like – it can be managed and organized in Key West. Of course, private charters are always better solution, because you can go wherever you want and be more relaxed, with no or little compromises. With split charters that, sharing charter with strangers can occur as a problem, but usually people going charter fishing are relaxed and in a good mood.

What is good with charter fishing – all the legal requirements are usually provided by the captain, as well all the necessary fishing items, while fisherman has only one task – to have fun! No matter if you are an expert or a beginner, Key West and, for example, Southbound Sportfishing charter enable you wide range of tackle so you can enjoy top fishing whether you are the novice or the seasoned angler.