Jan 6

swansIf you are a fishing enthusiast, you are lucky, because fishing is an unmatched leisure sport, which you can enjoy without getting any success or victory. Even though your whole time is spent in sitting ashore a beautiful river, enjoying beer, telling tales and losing baits, you are technically still fishing. Of course, a serious type of angler doesn’t go out glad to catch nothing. However, the benefit you get from this sport is you learn patience. And you can go for fishing to various places to get a different ambiance every time. Let’s see some amazing places to go fishing in the UK, as we know that you are always in search of new angling destinations.

1. Chew Valley Reservoir, Somerset

Chew Valley Reservoir in Somerset is home to some of country’s monster pikes, which grow up to 40 pounds and attract anglers from far and wide all through the fishing season (March to November). Advance booking is recommended if you go over a weekend, particularly if there is a bank holiday.

flowing river

2. Horseshoe Lake, Gloucestershire

Horseshoe Lake in Costwold contains 62 acres of prime fishing real-estate belonging to the Carp Society. The horseshoe shape of the lake has two arms, viz. Summer Bay and Winter Bay. Daily charge for visiting anglers is £1 above a yearly “passport” for a very reasonable amount of a tenner. Tickets can be purchased from the Horseshoe Specialist Tackle Shop in the lodge, where you can stock up your tackle too and get a few hints from the local aficionados. big-bream

3. Llangammarch Wells, Wales

Llangammarch Wells is a stunning village ashore Irfon River in Mid Wales, adorned with scenic restful spots and some of the most spectacular walking trails of Wales. And it offers some of the best fishing too. The Lake House & Spa, for example, a hotel of distinction has a lake full of trout just a short walk down from its grounds. The spa of the hotel is a good pastime if your partner is not a keen angler. Everything is provided by the hotel; you will only need your Rod License which can be easily obtained through the Wye and Usk Foundation.


4. Northumberland

Northumberland is the hotspot for fishing options, like lovely rivers and lakes, and a full coastline for you to explore. If you are a serious angler, spend 30 bucks at the West Water Angling Club and get access to one of the loveliest fly-fishing retreats in the British countryside. Next you will meet the Riverdale Hall Hotel just downstream from the hatchery along River North Tyne where about 700,000 salmons are fed every year to the river and the Tyne salmon stocks are now competing with some of the best from even Scotland, and the river is regarded as England’s best salmon river, producing very large salmons with 20 lb salmons quite common. Access to the river is strictly restricted to fly fishing and spinning.


5. Whitby

As the weather warms up, it’s time to for sea-fishing in Whitby for the tourists, while the locals go fishing here year-round. The beautiful port town of Whitby is the place for some of the best UK fishing. If you are not taking a charter boat, the local pier or inside of the harbor offers you some best eel fishing. Whitby is full of great fishing stories and it is the port where Captain James Cook was introduced to the life of a seafarer, after working as a shopkeeper’s assistant. The fish you should look for at Whitby are flounder, bass, cod and more. sunset

You can get information of many more beautiful fishing spots in the UK at an awesome fishing blog of LooksFishy.co.uk launched by Edward Lewis who is an enthusiastic angler, enjoying fishing for around 20 years.