Nov 18

fishing chairFishing enthusiasts want to incorporate their passion in everything they come across. Now on the occasion of Christmas too, they may want to do that, and for their help, so many fishing-themed decoration ideas are coming up every day. There are so many cute Christmas ornaments out there. See, for example, this fishing chair Christmas ornament by Isn’t it fabulous? And they have got so many! Let’s see.

fishing santasanta in boatFishing Santa: This cute fat Santa with his white beard and red jacket is just back from an exciting fishing trip with a freshly caught fish. You can also have a fishing Santa ornament wherein Santa is sitting in a boat with a caught fish in hand, if you are particularly a fan of boat fishing.

fishing bearBear Fishing in Boat: Who doesn’t like teddy? Everyone does! Normally bears stand in the gushing rivers and catch the jumping fish. But our cute teddy bear has sat in a stylish boat with a fishing hat on head and goggles on eyes. And just look at the lovely fish he has caught!

bear ice fishingBear Ice Fishing: And look at this stylish bear ice-fishing with his cub! Aren’t they adorable?








tackle boxTackle Box: You can also have a cute fishing tackle box like this as your fishing Christmas ornament! The mouthwatering mix of burger, chips and cold drinks, along with the tackle is exciting and would evoke anyone to go fishing then and there!

fishing chairFishing Chair Christmas Ornament: This cute little fishing chair is perfect to remind you of the golden moments you spend on the banks of rivers and lakes, quietly, peacefully, while sun shines, birds chirp, and a pleasant breeze blows – all to elate you! It has a cute tiny fishing hat hung over its back and the fishing tackle and even a caught fish at its bottom, all representing your colorful fishing day!

snowmansnowman ice-fiishingSnowman: When it’s snow everywhere, how can you leave out snowman from Christmas celebrations? Look at this snowman and snow-kid fishing and they have caught a fish too! You can also have snowman ice-fishing!

fishfish and beerFish: Won’t you hang something which will represent what you are very fond of – fish? You can hang so many types of fishes as your Christmas tree ornaments – in so many colors, shapes and sizes! You can also have combos of fish and beer cans, fish and lures, and so on. Buy the variety of fishes which you particularly like and celebrate an exciting “fishy” Christmas!

soda and beer can and fishing luresfish flies and jacketLures: There are so many types of lures you can have as your Christmas tree ornaments! They are so colorful with amazing styles and designs! What’s more, you can also have a combination of fish flies and fishing jacket or fishing lures and cans of soda or beer!

bobber and beer cansBobber: This is a wonderful combo of fishing bobber and beer cans which will remind you of the true fishing fun you had last time along with beer!

And there are still many, many more – jingle bell bobbers, glass ball fishing floats, beer bait bucket, fishing moose, bucket of frozen fish, and what not! When Christmas and fishing has gone to your head, you can take up anything to be your Christmas ornament, and wow your guests with your fishing passion!