Jun 9

fishing picturesFish is a wonderful creature on earth (or in water?). Like every other animal fish too has its own beauty, specialty and uniqueness. And fish are more colorful than we think of. Just see the deep water world once and you will realize that. Plus, they fall amongst the tastiest and healthiest foods in the world. Fishing is an ancient hobby of man. Today we catch fish either to pamper our taste buds or for recreation. Either way, it’s sheer joy to take fishing pictures. And when some giants are caught on the reel it’s wonderful to take a look. Photos pass the enjoyment to those who are not present at that moment. It’s interesting to learn how to take cool fish pictures.

Digital cameras have made photography quicker, cheaper and far more powerful. Today almost everybody has a camera and so, everybody can become a photographer. However, you can do it still better with some simple tricks. So, why not apply them?

Study the Manual

Just sit with the manual of your camera and study the basics. You need not read each and everything, but learning basics will definitely make you quite enlightened. Modern cameras have plenty of features which are easy to use and can improve your photos enormously. If you are amongst people who never take their cameras off “auto”, you are either lazy or fearful. Show courage and activeness to make friends with your camera and a whole new world of wonderful techniques will open up for you.

Keep the Camera Easily Accessible

You need not be told again and again that you may miss great shots when your camera is buried under fishing gear, rain jacket or packets of lunch. Keep it easily accessible so that you don’t have to repent bitterly for not being able to catch the wonderful moment of a lovely marine giant being caught. If you are worried for it for being wet, cover it with a dry bag which can be easily taken off and your camera is handy.

Using Macro Settings

Learn to use the amazing macro settings which today’s most print-and-shoot cameras sport. Usually a flower icon denotes these settings. These features let you fill the frame of your image with the fish’s eye, the lure sticking out of its mouth, unique markings and so on.

macro settings

Let the Fish “Pop”

Make use of your longest zoom setting, without digital zoom. This “stacks” the picture compressing space. This will throw other things in a soft focus and draw the viewer’s attention to the fish.let the fish pop


Check Out Distractions

This may seem easy, but is indeed very difficult. But when you practice it, your photos will improve tremendously. For example, your buddy’s fishing rod may hover into your picture as if from nowhere, or cousin John’s backpack may appear at a side of the frame. Isolating your main subject from all the distractions will altogether improve the composition of your shot.

Stealthy and Slow

Being stealthy and slow helps not only your fishing but also photography. Walking very, very stealthily and slowly on the lake, river or ocean will show you some wonderful things. Catch shots of fish eating or standing steady, birds spooking fish and other such great moments.

stealthy and slow

Take More Shots

This is important while shooting fish since they like to droop around when out of water, making the main shot challenging. The more shots you take in a one or two seconds, the better. Always take more than you need and if space is short on your card, erase those shots which you don’t like after releasing the fish.

Best Method of Holding Your Fish

Learn to hold your fish with the right grip after all that fierce fight. If you hold it weirdly, the shot will be wasted. The best method of holding your fish for a great image is to drop your arms to your sides and put your palms out. Now imagine the fish resting only on your fingertips and your thumbs slid behind the fish. Be very mindful about not damaging or covering the gills, and pelvic, pectoral and anal fins. Let your hands be just behind the head and before the tail. If the fish is bigger and you require a bit of elbow support to hold it, just switch your tail hand to the front of the fish gripping with your entire hand around the front part of the tail. This makes the fish a bit more covered but the tail still shows and it is more manageable to control a bigger fish.

holding the fish correctly for a great shot

You can take cool fishing images using these simple techniques which will double your enjoyment of angling.