Nov 11

jellyfish-aquariumMost people who like fishing, unfortunately, cannot do it 365 days a year. To overcome long periods away from the sea, river, lake or coast, you could decorate your home in a way that will reflect your favorite hobby. Don’t worry; these five decoration tips and ideas won’t include only boats and anchors. What’s more important, even people who don’t like sea or fishing might find them interesting.

1 – Colors: blue/turquoise/navy, white and gray. No matter how you combine them, they’ll get that seaside, marine look. Checks, stripes, plain colors, patterns or all of that combined? Whatever you decide, you won’t go wrong.

2 – Decorative details (just to inspire you to think beyond boats and fishing net):

  • life preserver in bathroom – choose it in color that will match your bathroom theme;
  • hemisphere maps in a hallway – framed, with anchor-like picture rail hooks;
  • ship-shaped chandelier over the dining table – modern or antique, made of crystal glass or ropes and wood, whatever flatters your dinning room style;
  • anchor doorstops – small, yet effective decor items.

3 – Bead-board is incredibly easy to work with and can look lovely. You can use bleach white bead-board in your home to give it the touch of an old beach house. Combined with the right decorative details, it will be an inexpensive way to turn your living space into the right environment for anyone who likes fishing and sea.

4 – Jellyfish is astonishing and beautiful marine species. Just looking at them can be soothing, relaxing and breathtaking and, what’s very important for fishermen, they remind you of beautiful moments you spent sailing and fishing. Nowadays, you can have jellyfish tank as an decor item with jellyfish as pets in your own home. It looks mesmerizing and can add the touch of elegance and style to any interior.

5 – Fishing rod holder – with your own rods! Yes, it can look really nice if you have an extra space on walls of your home-office or, even, your living room.