Mar 27
Fishing is not just a sport, it's an attitude.

If you’re an ardent fishing hobbyist, have you ever realized that fishing is more than ‘fishing’? I mean during your initial fishing days, you might have set out on your fishing venture with your fishing gear to dedicatedly catch a nice mix of fish, so that you can enjoy a great meal with your loved ones. But after becoming a pro angler, did you realize that fishing offers you something more than fishing, called attitude adjustment?

Fishing is not just about catching a fish! It takes you away from the day-to-day hassle of life. It has a power to make you forget all your stress – stress of your job, boss, colleagues and deadlines, stress of family matters, relatives, in-laws, out-laws and even spouse and children, and even the stress of whatever that is happening in the world.

You go out to a pond or river, soak in the serenity there, the greenery, chirping birds and waterfowls, cool breeze, pleasant fragrance of trees, leaves and flowers, soft sound of rippling waves – everything snatches all your worries! As such you have come for fishing, but you cast your pole with a hook, lure and a bobber, sit back and relax. Now it doesn’t matter to you if a fish is caught or not. You just want to unwind. It may be a bad day of fishing, but it’s much better than a good day at work, right?

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