May 5

getting sponsor for fishingWithin a couple of years, collegiate fishing has literally exploded and a number of organizations today offer a collegiate event circuit. This means that hundreds of young people can now start chasing their dream of being a professional angler at a very young age. However, to get benefited by this opportunity, they should attract sponsorship, which too is a hard task in itself. Tournament fishing, though at collegiate level, can run into huge dollars each year with truck, tackle and boat expenses. And though many aspiring anglers work part time and can bear these expenses to much extent, many others may fall way short in fulfillment of their dream. So, to get sponsored to hunt or fish is the most ideal way out, though it is not easy. Here are some tips about what you need to do for fishing or hunting sponsorship.

Show Your Salesmanship

If a sponsor wants to sponsor you, it means s/he wants to sell her/his products through you. If you are not able to do that, why will s/he sponsor you? So, you will have to prove your salesmanship to her/him. If you have no guarantee that you will win the tournament, your primary attractive point for the sponsors is your ability to be their spokesperson. Show them your photos and videos and convince them that you can advertise their brands.  

Importance of Network

It is hard to hear, but nobody likes to know you till they already know something about you. Therefore getting connected with friends and other acquaintances to getting further connected to potential sponsors is important. You can get connections to the sponsors in form of their marketing managers who get showers of emails and phone calls. In such a case, if you are recommended to them by someone you both know, that makes a huge difference.

You are Not Selling Yourself, But Your Sponsors

Many times it is seen that over-egoistic pros try to tell how they are good, rather than telling about their sponsors’ brands. It is no doubt important to highlight yourself, but you will get plenty of time for that. Now, it’s time to be an expert salesperson, rather than more inclined to self-promotion.

What You Can Do for Your Sponsors

It’s a good idea to make a list of what you can do for your sponsors. It is important to check it out rather than what your sponsor can do for you. Put yourself into their shoes. What would you have expected from the guy whom you had sponsored? You can even enlist like a high school essay “10 things I can do for my sponsor” While meeting your potential sponsor, this list will tremendously increase your chances of getting sponsorship.

Thus keeping yourself in your sponsor’s place will help you a lot in understanding what you should do to get sponsored for fishing and hunting expeditions and tournaments. Like every good thing on this earth, this thing too needs hard work.