Mar 9

fishing videosFishing enthusiasts love not only to catch fish, but also to share what they did and learned with others. The best way is to do that is to shoot videos of your catch and post it on fishing websites so that other anglers can see them and learn. If you are also in a habit of watching others’ fishing videos, you might be able to distinguish well in good and bad videos. So, you will always want to shoot them best so that people will be interested in watching them. How to shoot captivating fishing videos? Let’s see.

Don’t Keep it Too Lengthy

Don’t make your video too lengthy by catching your every minute on the water. People can hardly watch anything longer than 3 minutes. Just capture very special and fun moments. The best fishing videos tell a story; so, capture only those scenes who you would like to tell about to others.

Bring Variety in Angles

You can catch those scenes with a HD camera fixed to your head which is very convenient to you. But remember that YouTubers have been fed up of these scenes. So, get some different angles for capturing the action. E.g. you can attach a waterproof camera to your bottom rig or downrigger ball, to the trolling spread, fly it over the boat using a drone, or strap it to a gaff handle or fishing rod – there are so many ideas to get various perspectives.

The Best Setting

The best settings for getting the highest quality and greatest flexibility, if your camera supports them, are 1080/60p. This is full HD resolution. Next best is to shoot at 720/60p if you want to catch fast action such as a jumping fish.

Apart from the resolution, take care to use a class-rated media card or you have the risk of your files getting corrupted. This often happens while shooting fishing tournaments, when anglers put date and time which become corrupt, and the video too.

If you fix a GoPro camera in its submerged housing, ensure to add anti-fog inserts to avoid fogging of lens in hot and cold environments.

Also regularly check updates on the manufacturer’s website to keep your camera up-to-date.

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