May 15

marine water heaterA marine water heater is a useful devices for ships and boats designed especially for heating water (and spaces, as well). These heating devices are powered either by propane or electricity and their purpose is to provide required amount of hot water for washing up, shower, personal hygiene. Some marine water heaters can even utilize the wasted heat that the engine of the boat or ship generates in order to heat up the water, without extra cost.

A marine hot water heater is an excellent and economical appliance designed to work in extremely humid conditions with fresh, salty water. For this reason, marine water heater are required to be made of high quality materials. These appliances have anti-corrosion casing, such as (high gauge) stainless steel or aluminum. They are available in different sizes starting from 6 to 20 gallons capacities.

If you purchase a low quality marine water heater, it is probably manufactured not so well and you can expect it to easily get rusted and corroded over a short period of use. Top marine water heater producers are Atwood, Superstor, Webasto, Torrid and Isotemp.

All the open water lovers who enjoy boat and yacht rides know that it is hardly manageable without this useful device. When you need to get off the grime and the sweat, nothing is better than a hot shower. Also, if you need to wash and clean in colder areas, a marine water heater is an essential appliance. Of course, for longer life and better performance, this device should be maintained properly.

When buying a marine water heater, you should do it according to the size of your boat: the bigger the boat, the bigger the marine water heater needed. Solar power energized water heating devices might be a good idea, but they are also bulky and more expensive. Before purchasing it, check its insulation quality.