Feb 20

Phils Fishin FlyerFishing enthusiasts, are you equally enthusiastic about playing games, as you are about fishing? Some of you might say, “No”. However, the game I am going to tell you about will make you so, because it is a fishing game – the all new Phil’s Fishing – the first ever RPG fishing game! Phil’s Fishing is available on Google Play as well as App Store.


As an ardent angler, what do you long for all the time? I know, you long for excellent fishing locations, right? In Phil’s Fishing, you are free to choose as many as 16 fishing locations, that too, from all over the world – from amongst exciting locations like East China Sea and Lake Okeechobee.

To start with, there are 2 rods and a small dingy to help you. But you can go up to 4 rods simultaneously. All the time you can use a professional fishing vessel in the open sea.


Thrill and Excitement

While you go fishing, you love the thrill and excitement you experience when you catch a big game fish. In Phil’s Fishing too you can experience the same thrill and excitement by comparing your biggest trophy catch to those of your friends’ and winning daily, weekly and even monthly tournaments and grab prizes and brag rights!


Your Fishing Tackle

  • To catch the trophy you will need advanced gear; so, you can upgrade your gear.
  • You will get more than 20 lures or baits upon each of which you will get bonuses.
  • You can choose amongst 10 reels and 18 rods. There is also a fully automatic electric reel for you if you are a lazybones!
  • And you get innumerable lines, hooks, fish finders and what not!


So, if you are excited enough, start fishing and competing with contestants from around the world. Phil’s Fishing is now on Facebook too.Phils Fishin Flyer