Jun 22

When you head out for fishing, you should know at least the basic techniques of fishing, although you might be a beginner. And tying various types of fishing knots is one of the most important basic fishing techniques. Here are a few different types of knots you should know to become a successful angler.

1. Palomar Knot

Palomar knot is used by anglers of all types and is one of the strongest fishing knots. It is used for securing a swivel or hook to the end of the fishing line or also for tying a fly to a leader in case you’re fly fishing. Let’s now learn how to tie a Palomar Knot.

  • Double around 6 inches of line and pass it through the hook’s eye
  • Make a simple overhand knot in the doubled line while letting the hook remain loose and avoiding twisting of the lines
  • Pull the loop’s end down and pass it totally over the hook
  • Wet and pull both the ends of the line to tie up the knot. Trim excess

2. Surgeon’s Knot

When you wish to tie two pieces of fishing line together, you should try the surgeon’s knot. It’s also useful when your fishing line has different diameter. Here’s the way to tie it.

  • Place the leader line and main line near each other.
  • Pass the leader line’s long end and mainline’s tag end through the loop and form an overhand knot
  • By running the same ends through the loop, form a second overhand knot
  • Wet and tighten by slowly pulling all four ends. Trim excess

3. Improved Clinch Knot

Improved clinch knot is strong yet simple and easy to master and is used commonly by anglers everywhere to secure lures, hooks and swivels to the fishing line. Here’s how you can tie it.

  • Run line’s end through the eye of hook or swivel
  • Pull around 6 inches of line through and double it against itself. Twist 5 to 7 times
  • Run the line’s end through the small loop created right above the eye, then through the big loop just formed. The coils should not overlap
  • Wet and pull tag end and main line so that the coiled line constricts against the eye. Trim excess

4. Trilene Knot

Trilene knot has been specially designed by Berkley to be used with their Trilene monofilament fishing line. It’s just right for tying lures, leaders and swivels to monofluorocarbon line. Here’s how to tie it.

  • Form a small loop by running the line’s tag end through the hook eye twice
  • Hold the loop between your thumb and forefinger and wrap the tag end around the standing line minimum five times and run the end again through the loops
  • Wet thoroughly and draw tight

Master these knots and they will be useful to you to get a big catch.