May 4

"bass fishing tipsOne of the most sought after game fish in North America is the largemouth bass. It develops in weedy shallow river backwaters and lakes, as its main food supply is available in such areas. Also, sunken debris and aquatic plants supply protection.

During the spring when temperature of water reach 62 to 65 degrees, bass spawn. This can be anywhere from May to June, it depends on the portion of the country. Normally, nesting occurs within eight feet of shore in 1-3 feet of water. These nesting places are hot spots of bass. Spring is the best time to catch bass and win the trophy.

Rate of growth differs from one part to another part of the country. Southern bass develop quickly and can weigh more than 20 pounds. Northern bass doesn’t reach 10 pounds, and a three pounder is believed to be a good fish.

The largemouth is an uncooperative mammal feeding on anything that it thinks is live, including insets, minnows, crayfish, frogs etc. It can vary colors and latest studies show it prefers silver, black, red and yellow.

If you want to take trophy, bass spoons and spinner are the most effective lures. The vibration and flash made by a spinner interests a bass into striking, so it is not necessary that they have to be on the feed to take the lure. Little Wolf of ¼ oz is perfect for huge bass. You should try to match the spoon’s size to the size of baitfish. Choose a lure color that comes near to the color of the baitfish in your lake, whenever possible.

Big bass normally hang out in bulky cover, so you will require a medium bulky to bulky rod and a reel that will grasp at least hundred yards of twelve to fifteen pound test line. If you are fishing with a help of spinner, tie it straightly to your line.