Jul 30


"Pike fishing techniques"Pike fish is usually found in the Arctic fresh water and appears large and huge in size. Being found commonly in lakes and rivers, the pike fish feeds on anything which floats such as walleyes, chub, suckers and even the other pikes. When it comes to pike fishing, the use of bait and lures will not be strong enough, since a small pike could be sporty and active to tackle. Pike is one among the easy to catch fish as it is usually found close to its prey.

Pike Fishing Tips:

Never mind if you are a professional pike fisher or a beginner, the following tips will help you to enjoy long time pike fishing for your ultimate fish:

  • Ensure to get a high or medium action rod, since this is the primary mistake a novice angler will do. As said already, pikes are strong fighters where a heavy rod will also result with lot of bends during the pull. It is always wise to choose hard and grueling rods to hunt your ideal fish.
  • The use of firm and active lures to captivate the attention of the pikes. Fishing is an art, whereby you should grab the interest of the pikes by giving an appealing food. Be alert with the lure and personify in an attack mode.
  • During pike fishing, be ready to give a hard and intense hit. Since pike fish are strong contenders, the fisher must be alert to give a strong hit. A minor distraction will result jerk the rod and let them flee from your hand. Rather becoming a red-faced fisher by losing the rod to the pikes, it is good to be vigilant and watchful to give a massive strong hit.
  • Try fish scent, it works! Many anglers affirm this, whereas others don’t. Trying fish scents on the lure will bring the pikes close to you, since the lure will smell like its prey. Pike fishing pros absolutely rely on this tactic, since they have witnessed some results before.
  • Be ready with a 12 pound test line. Even 10 pounds and 8 pounds test line can do well, but they’ll dearly suit for small pikes. But the use of 12 pound line will be a blasting complexion to snipe the huge strong pikes. The lighter the line is, the sooner it will snap.

When It Is The Best Time For Pike Fishing?

Winter is the best time for pike fishing since the pike longs and seeks for food due to scarcity. Spinning is one of the most prudent tactics which you can follow to catch pikes of all size – no matter if it is a small or larger one. If you have tried pike fishing before, you must have definitely noticed that the large pikes come across during the time of winter. Winter is typically hard to survive and hence they come out in search of food. Big pike fish comes out to the shallow region to eat small fish. Try dead bait, as it works in catching pikes in all season and weather. If you are crazy in fishing big and huge pikes, then winter is the best and right choice.