Nov 14

The below mentioned are the tips for fishing in lakes and when you follow these tips you will enjoy fish catching more and enjoy your outings much more.

1. Try to be Early Bird: It is a well-known fact that the good time to fish is at least an hour before the first light and after few hours, and majority of anglers know this fact. Personally, I would recommend getting up early and going for fishing at first light. You can always catch back on your sleep later during the day.

2. Proper research: Lakes are usually large places and majority of the time there are various types of fish and environment within the lake. What you can do is buy a lake map that you want to visit and then fish, or you can get one from the internet. Mark good places on the map to fish that you recognized while doing research, so that you can find it easily later on. Some special places to search for are structures, tributaries and any other detail available on the internet.

3. Technology: Make sure you use technology like depth and fish finders, understand how the gadgets and tools work before going to the lake to ensure you know how to use them. Don’t waste your important fishing time, by arriving at the destination and then figure out how it works.

4. Equipment: Make sure that you carry different types of rods since the situation may change quickly and if you have enough rods available, you will put well in a place to change baits and lures in a rush.

5. Summer: The temperature of water will go up in summertime in the areas that are shallow that make the fish to look for cooler and deep water. During hot days you can find the fish in such deeper areas.

6. Dam Wall: The best place to fish is deep water at dam wall since the water is cool and deep and there is abundant fish food in this area as the outflow of the water currents.