Mar 4

spybait fishingThe emergence of a new technique called spybaiting has left many anglers wondering about what the technique is and how spy baits work. A lot of spy baits too are being introduced in the market, like Realis Duo fishing bait and others, which are making anglers curious. So, let’s know more about spybaiting!

What is Spybaiting?

The name spybaiting is derived from the sneaky, subtle action of the lure which tries to swim along big bass stealthily. The method was invented in Japan in around 2006-08 when anglers started experimenting with lures with less action so as to coax the picky bass into biting. While spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and jerkbaits have their own place and time, there were often incidents when the lures would gather many followers but the fish would not commit. The ultra-clear water offered the bass a visual benefit that more or less invalidated all the things that made the lure great. Even swimbaits started to become commonplace in the ultra-pressured Japanese waters.

So, some anglers started experimenting with a lure which seemingly had no action. They would chop bills off crankbaits, slim tails out of swimbaits, and modify their retrieve with jerkbaits, but could never quite found the correct combination of profile and attraction. They required something subtle, that should have a driving power too –something which would create some water disturbance but wouldn’t overwhelm the fish accustomed to more noticeable presentations. Though it is still not clear who the first fishermen were, slowly it was known around that bass fishermen were using small propellers to add them to their bill-less jerkbaits to create vibration and flash. The propellers used to flash light and when turned accurately, created small vibrations and soft sounds as it was retrieved – the lures created a small water swirling trail behind in their path that acted like breadcrumbs for bass trying to investigate.

Spybait Lures

It was Duo Realis who first brought their Spinbait 80 to the market, designed by the celebrated designer Masahiro Adachi. The designer looked at the design as a great challenge when he totally understood the concept of what its aim was; however, he knew that it would be a long way to go to balance the right action and looks with the expectations of anglers who might pass it over while visually evaluating the lure’s worth. The Spinbait 80 was created with a highly detailed, very small profile that exactly resembled shad. Its nose and tail had been added small spinner blades to generate the extremely subtle pulsating action. It was a great challenge as the blades were required to spin at slow speed, to flash and to create sound, in addition to remaining small enough not to affect the action, neither overwhelm with flash and definitely not disturb with a large sound. While the concept caught fairly well and quickly in Japan, it was the real question whether or not the US market would accept the lure’s lack of action. (It is worth to note here, that Jackall Lures in fact had a very similar concept some years back with their I Shad; however it was an utter failure for some reason, though some anglers reported great success with it.)

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While the lures seem as if they are topwater prop baits having a similar action as a Devil’s Horse, they are in fact a subsurface bait meant for bringing retrieved on a horizontal plane. One of the most important features of the Spaybaits is the fall after it hits the water. A good spybait sinks with a side to side shimmy staying upright all the time. This resembles the appearance of a wounded or dying shad and usually piques the interest of bass that in turn strikes once it starts moving.

Spybaits work much better in clear water as the method is designed with bass’s vision and lateral line movement detection in mind, but it doesn’t overwhelm. Another thing to note is you should ensure that you have your drag set pretty loose as the lures often have tiny treble hooks and you are generally really light line. Just allow the fish to inhale and fight it with the same patience maintained to fish the bait.

spybaiting-big bass caught