Dec 20
ice auger for ice fishing

In order to ensure that the winter fishing goes smoothly and without incidents, it is better to prepare everything you need in advance.

So, the list of necessary things:

  1. Things that do not let in cold, wind and moisture. Every fisherman has to pass a cold test to get a cherished catch. Water bodies are particularly cold in winter. In addition, you should also provide warmth in your hands and feet. It is better to choose clothes that will give you freedom of movement. Do not be stingy and buy heat-saving clothing from a specialist hiking shop.
  2. Ice fishing gear. They will differ from the summer ones, the main thing is not to confuse them.
  3. Gas-powered ice auger and chisel. Safety on ice is one of the most important aspects of winter fishing, so special devices have been invented. Peshnia will help to study what will be the next step of the leg. Before you take a step, you should hit the ice with pedestrians, if the ice breaks easily, it is better to change the trajectory of the path. It should be remembered that under the snow can easily hide a hole, thin ice or washouts. As soon as a place is found, the next task is to drill through the ice. For this purpose, an ice pick with a characteristic name is used. The holes should be about 10 centimeters. This is the optimal size to pull out the fish and not fall under the ice itself. The blades at the icebreaker should be detachable, so be sure to check it out at the store.
  4. Bait and dressing. You can cook it yourself, usually making porridge for this purpose. And it is better to use moths as bait. The fish will be glad to see a live mottle, so you can put it in a box in your pocket for better safety.
  5. A seat. You need to sit on something to withstand a few hours near the hole. Usually a folding chair or a fishing box is used for this purpose. But it must be thick enough to withstand the weight of the host. For warmth you can put a special seat with a foil layer.
  6. Tent. With the help of a tent you can hide from the icy wind, rain or snow. In addition, the tent will hold the heat, which is very important for winter fishing. Choose a light tent with an extra set of pegs in case of strong winds.
  7. Sledges. To avoid wearing everything in your hand, it is better to use sleds. They will also help you if you change your fishing position frequently.

In addition to the basic things, there are additional things that will help make it easier for a fisherman to do his job and increase his chances of winning the main prize. These include:

• a fish net;
• a scoop to remove fresh ice from the hole;
• a depth gauge;
• a bait trough;
• and a hill to keep large fish out of the hole.

With a set of winter fishermen, you can safely go fishing.

Winter Fishing Rules

Of course, there is no code of winter fishing, but there are several conditional rules that fishermen follow.

• Keep an eye on the thermometer when you’re about to leave. If warming is coming, it is better to postpone fishing, as there is a danger of falling under the ice.
• Dress warmly and comfortably. Jeans, though with a comb, not suitable. It is better to choose something in a special shop, such as a jumpsuit, which will protect the back, and a warm jacket, not restricting movement. Preferably with a hood, it will give the head extra warmth.
• Prepare the equipment in advance. It is desirable to have not one element from the mandatory list, but several elements. During fishing, the fishing rod can go down, and if you can get it in the summer, it is better not to go into the water in winter. Hoping on a neighbor is also not recommended, as it is impossible to guarantee the presence of other people on a particular day at the same place.
• Get fresh food. The food that wakes up the sleeping people can be prepared from the grain crops and bought in a special shop. It is inexpensive, so buy it will not be a problem. This is the only way for the fish to swim closer to the drilled hole.
• Food and drink. A few hours in the cold one way or another create stress for the body. Energy and life resources are spent much faster, so you need extra food. It would be good to bring home-cooked food for a few snacks. It can be a product that does not spoil quickly. It is also necessary to drink. In addition to drinking water, which should not be forgotten, you can bring hot water, such as tea or coffee in a thermos. It is advisable to add more sugar or honey this time. It is recommended to use something sweet, it will help the body to generate more energy to generate heat.