Jun 13
Bait Fishing Tips

If you’re wondering which fishing method is the best and will give you a huge catch, I’ll recommend you bait fishing. If you’ve already tried it and have been disappointed because of some amount of failure, I’ll suggest you to keep trying and eventually you’ll succeed to such an extent that you will never want to leave it – it’ll become your favorite fishing technique! To start with, here are a few tips for you to succeed in bait fishing.

1. Use a Variety of Bait, but Essentially Try Neko Rig

A common mistake most anglers make is to use the same bait everywhere if they gain success with it in their initial fishing session. Remember that feeding habits of fish keep changing; so, something that worked well once is not guaranteed to work every time. You’ll have to bring a variety in your lures which will depend on various factors, such as weather, depth, color and size of the bait, and so on. While there are so many lures you should try your hands on such as metal spinning lures, hard bodies, vibes, blades and soft plastics, neko rig is something you should essentially try. This soft-plastic worm with a mushroom or nail on one end, originally from Japan, is highly functional and effective, sinks better, is ideal for deep water fishing and is sure to give you more bites (& catch) than other lures due to its specific structure. Try it and you’ll enjoy it!

2. Cover More Area by Casting in an Arc

Bait fishing has a prominent benefit of enabling you to go on searching for fish and once you find one, allowing you to focus on that particular area.

Now if you’re fishing from the shore, you can cover more area by casting around in an arc from where you are. If your first arc doesn’t give you a success, you can move a little further and cover a new arc, and so on. Because you’re bait fishing, you’re able to move quickly and search a larger area than in other methods until you come across a shoal of fish.

3. Try a Variety of Depths

Fish keep changing depths while feeding. Sometimes they feed near the surface, sometimes near the bottom and sometimes somewhere in between. Therefore it’s a good idea to try various depths. In that context, lure fishing gives you a great scope to keep trying new things every time until you find something that will give you the highest success.

Thus you can try a soft plastic with a heavier jig ahead, e.g. neko rig, while fishing closer to the bottom, and slowly roll across the bottom, whereas for medium depths, you can try hard bodies with medium size bibs, while for surface fishing you can try surface stick baits or poppers.

Try these tips and you’re sure to get success which will make you happy and let you enjoy fishing.